Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I want Results and Fast

I'll Have What She's Having

Want to know what are these women doing to get such fast and amazing results?

Well, if you are fortunate to catch one of these ladies and ask them to share their secrets ...and they always are more than willing to do will most likely be taken aback. 99.9% of every successful woman I have worked with tell their friends, family and co-workers that they eat more and exercise less to Get Fast Results!


I know! Quite opposite of what many women expect to hear.

Unfortunately the truth is, our busy lives and minds are bombarded with deceptive quick fix diets, magic pills, the latest "break through" techniques, gadgets and fads... filling the TV we watch and the magazines we read.

For EXAMPLE: $518 million dollars a year is made from the sale of exercise equipment through infomercials... and $207 million of that is from abdominal machines alone!

Here's the biggest shocker......AB machines do absolutely NOTHING to remove the fat from your belly. Yet we are obviously buying these things....they are getting $207 mil from somewhere!

(I will admit that I fell into this category a couple times in my life...The Ab roller was a huge craze and I was all about getting a flat belly - I mean look at the models! They make it look so easy!)

Well there is nothing to be ashamed of if you own and are still using these devices and/or plans. You needed a solution - and quick - and they make it look so easy!

Well the overabundance of this kind of misinformation leads us to adopt unrealistic expectations of what it takes to get the body we desire. Let's face it....we are too busy and we want results yesterday, so anything that is made to look effortless is the most appealing to us.

Out of desperation, we make snap decisions.

Add the fact that every time we "begin" one of these "plans" we end up frustrated, unable to either see results or unable to stick with it.

This experience then leads to painful feelings of guilt, failure, low self-esteem...thoughts that we are just not good enough to follow the "plan"....we just don't deserve anything more than what we have right now.

It does not have to be this way.
Are you ready to break this cycle of failure and frustration?

You have to start somewhere.

You are HERE.

It is my not only my goal, but my passion to reveal the solution that guarantees results, every single time. So consider the solution these women have chosen and be sure to check in on a daily basis as I share the very tips and strategies women just like you are using to get their body back.

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