Monday, June 30, 2008

Begin Your Summer Slim Down Today!

Get Excited!

It's time to begin your Fit Yummy Mummy Summer Slim Down and win Fabulous Prizes for your Results!

How does...

~ $1,000 American Express Gift Card
~ $500 in free Prograde Supplements
~ iPod Touch
~ $250 Victoria's Secret Gift Card


Well, the 12 Week Fit Yummy Mummy Challenge is now Up and Ready - next step is for you to request to
join The Summer Transformation Challenge Group at ClubFYM.

Click HERE to Join

You may register anytime between July 1st and July 31st.

There are many tips, tools and features, so take some time to browse through everything the Challenge Group has to offer.

- FREE 12 month access to Online Menu Planner
There you will be able to create unlimited, nutritionally balanced meals using your favorite foods. This same exact program sells online for $119.40 per year. ($119.40 Value)

- Save 20% off your Prograde order

- Access Expert Interviews
I will be inviting 3 additional experts to interview during your 12 week challenge as well...from Dax Moy - author of the Elimination Diet to Jayson Hunter - Prograde's dietitian and author of the Carb Rotation Diet.

- A ton of additional audio and video resources to help you maximize your results each step of the way!

- Coaching Calls with Holly Rigsby
To help assist you in the transformation, I will be holding 6 LIVE bi-weekly group coaching calls to help answer questions and keep you on track during the transformation challenge. During the last Challenge, coaching calls were recorded and will be shared during this challenge as well.

I will also be offering a BONUS Coaching Call next Week to help Jump Start the FYM"s who are rearing and ready to go - plus I am excited to get everyone on the call too!

So be sure to Sign Up Today so you do NOT Miss OUT!

Click HERE for Summer Transformation Challenge

Be sure you have ....

1. your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy
2. your before photos
3. your measurements
4. your goals
5. and of course your commitment and pure enthusiasm....for this is going to be one amazing 12 week experience!!!

I look forward to sharing this with you!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fit Yummy Mummy Gets You Fit for Summer

Are You Ready?

The Fit Yummy Mummy Summer Transformation Challenge Begins July...that's as of Tomorrow.

Get the complete Summer Transformation Challenge Details =>HERE

A picture is worth a thousand words: Check out the Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Slide Show to see what's in store for you over the next 12 weeks!

Find more videos like this on Club Fit Yummy Mummy

Join ClubFYM and access all your Challenge Bonuses by joining the Summer Transformation Challenge Group: Exclusively for Challenge Participants.

Motivation from Fit Yummy Mummy Shopping Trip

"Two weeks ago I decided to meet some FYMs for the Cincinnati Shopping Trip.

All of my family was otherwise occupied that day and I live right here, so why not?

I was not looking for skinny jeans, I was more "before" than "after"!
I was looking to see if this program is the real deal or an internet gimmick!
I was looking for motivation to press on.
I was looking to meet some new friends.

( I was feeling a little weird about going to meet people I met on the internet--kids, don't do this!!)f

I am delighted to report I found all this and more!

We met as planned and my first impression was that everyone was real, just what I'd seen on Club FYM, but even better in person: radiant, friendly, and fit!

(After the usual wondering what to wear, it was funny that 3 of us came up with black tops and khaki bottoms--great minds!! Someone in a store even asked us if we were a singing group or something!!)

Holly met us for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Lunch with 5 one even touched the bread and everyone drank water! (I certainly wasn't going to order a DIET COKE this time!!)

On most other occasions I would rationalize the bread and the Coke, but there was STRENGTH among this supportive group of women.

It was wonderful getting acquainted over the delicious food. I asked all my questions about FYM and how it works out for them. All but me had participated in the Transformation Challenge--we even had the grand champion and 2 other finalists.

Their answers gave me information, hope and motivation to continue!

Of course we DID have cheesecake and I think that calls for coffee, but that was just me!
We had so much fun and everything was absolutely positive.

Two weeks later, I am so happy with what I found on that trip!

I've had two great weeks of workouts and good food choices!

Seeing the results and excitement in the other FYMs was so motivating:
it works! they're committed, they're disciplined, they're happy and excited about their results, they look great!

If they can do it, so can I!

Fit Yummy Mummy is the real deal:
a workable, doable programs for busy moms at home.
Club FYM is an awesome group of women dedicated to improving themselves and helping each other.

Priceless! and not available in any mall!

I'm in--bring on the next challenge!!

Thank you Holly, and thank you Susan, Sheri, Angela, and Alison!

It was wonderful to meet you and I look forward to cheering each other on in the weeks ahead.

If any of you out there in Club FYM have a chance to meet in person like this, go for it!!"

~ Deb, Proud Member of ClubFYM

Discover the power of support.
ClubFYM: A community of women unlike any other.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking for the Solution to Get Skinny?

Sensible Fat Loss

Gain insight directly from Liz who after just 4 weeks of incorporating the fat loss strategies of Fit Yummy Mummy into her fitness plan has realized what the solution has been all along.

"I've been struggling with my weight for over 20 years.

I was very active in HS sports and then went to college, put on the freshman 15, but remained there because I walked all over campus. After college, bought my first car and that was the end of that. No more walking or exercise and because I now had a job and could go out to eat more often and the weight started creeping on and on.

Over the years, I've looked for answers, I've felt like I've been in perpetual diet mode for decades and I really have been.

I'd find some infomercial, product or diet that I was convinced was "the answer", it might work a little for a while, but then it would stop working because it was just a gimmick or I'd give up because it wasn't sustainable. Many were not even healthy and eventually the little voice inside would say "what are you doing?!!??!" and I'd stop, feel depressed and put back on whatever I had lost.

With technology and science moving at such a rapid pace, I've just kept waiting for someone to invent THE THING that will make this all easier. I've been looking for the George Jetson-version where he just watches the exercise video and that works!

Then I found the Fit Yummy Mummy program.

Well I guess I'm FINALLY older and wiser as the program JUST MAKES SENSE. There is no little voice inside thinking "this is another gimmick". It is very clear and simple to understand.

Not easy, but it's not supposed to be. That's what I now finally understand. We all know to avoid the silly get-rich-quick schemes, but then find ourselves falling for the get-skinny-quick-without-diet-or-exercise schemes.


I've lost 5lb and I feel like I "take up less space", if you know what I mean. I have more energy and I'm not even hungry. My stomach tells me that it's been 3 hours like clockwork and that's been really helpful.

I'm back to the weight I was when I got married 10 years ago!

To get to that weight for my wedding, I was eating slimfast 2x per day and then "rewarding myself for being good" with burger, fries and dessert. Not smart, I know that now. I actually knew it then, but it was easier to lie to myself then.

I'm done with that now.

Trial and error for 20 years, finally done. I no longer want to get skinny. I want to get healthy and strong. I'm not there yet. I've got a ways to go AND EVEN THEN, I won't be done. It's forever.

Thanks Holly and all of the great teachers/role models on ClubFYM. You've really opened eyes.

Some of the best lessons are the ones you really have to work to learn."

~ Liz, Mom of two - Ages 3 and 5, Proud member of ClubFYM

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fast Summer Fat Loss

Get Summer Ready in just 30 Days

There's no time like Summer that makes many women dive straight into the latest diet fad in order to lose pounds fast so they look presentable in their new bikini.

But did you know, the diet of choice may be the very reason you are NOT seeing results? Watch out for these Diet Fads that STOP Fat Loss and find out what you CAN do to see bikini ready results in just 30 days!

The most popular diet?
Low Calorie Diet - cut back those calories

This only seems to make sense, since eating TOO much causes weight gain and unsightly fat! As Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter, author of the Dress Size Reduction Diet, shares it is impossible to lose fat by dramatically reducing your calories.

This is due to the fact that our metabolism is quite adaptive. The moment you begin taking in too little calories, is the moment your body begins to BURN LESS calories. This is a survival mechanism to protect your body from starving.

The whole purpose of Fat Loss is to boost your metabolism so your body burns more fat and calories all day long. This is not going to happen if you skip meals and starve yourself, hoping that it's the fastest way to get into that bikini.

Next up: Fat Free!
Well just because a food item is Fat Free, does not mean it is calorie free, giving us permission to eat as much as we want. Fat tastes good - especially in processed foods. Well if you take all the fat out, it will have to be replaced with something...and that something means more Sugar! Consuming more sugar will not only cause your body to go in and out of fat storage mode, but creates uncontrollable hunger and cravings more sugar!

Final Diet Trap: No Carbs
Fearful of eating carbohydrates for they will automatically lead to weight gain?
Did you know carbohydrates are actually our body's preferred source of energy - helping our organs work properly, fueling our muscles - the heart and soul of your metabolism - and fueling our brain. Cut out all carbs and it is inevitable that you will feel like Crap and look like a bag of bones.

A no carb diet also means all of your calories are coming from protein, fat and highly processed specialty foods labeled as No Carb and Low Carb. This simply causes you to end up eating too many calories. There are carbs that your body does need that actually helps facilitate fat loss - fruits and veggies and whole grain items.

Is there a Diet that Can Help?
So starvation is not the answer, specialty labeled processed foods is not the answer, but you have to eat and eat in a way that promotes a healthy metabolism so you can shed the stubborn fat.

What are your options?

Eat real food.
Whole food.
When you make better choices about the foods you put into your body, you will be amazed at how quickly you FEEL better and suddenly your belly begins to disappear! Yes, that is how powerful nutrition is.

Eating a balanced meal also vamps up your metabolism. Be sure every meal has at the very least a quality protein and veggies and/or fruits.

Eating at the right times is also necessary to keep your metabolism elevated. Aim to eat a whole food meal every 3 to 4 hours. The Dress Size Reduction Diet also shows the power of even faster results as this diet plan carefully calculates and times meals that stimulate and prime your body for even faster fat loss.

Just a week into summer....there's still plenty of time for you to see amazing results and enjoy all your warm weather activities with confidence!

Click Here to check out =>The Dress Size Reduction Diet

Jayson also has 3 Fabulous Free Reports to help you get on the Fast Track to Summer Ready Results:

"The BIGGEST Lies and Myths of Weight Loss and Why the Food and Diet Industries Want to Make YOU Fat!"

"Discover 36 Potent Foods Every Woman Who Wants to Lose Weight Fast Needs To Know About!"

17 Tips for Removing Unwanted Fat From Your Belly, Butt, Hips and Thighs

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visit From my Own Fit Yummy Mummy

Keeping Fit with My Family

I took some time off yesterday, put my laptop up and took a break from writing, for my mom came in for an overnight visit.

Not only was it a a meaningful visit for Tyler and I to have this one on one time with "Nonnie" - my mom lives about 3 hours away in Indianapolis and has not seen Tyler since he had his seizure in April - but it also made me realize the impact living a fit lifestyle has had on those I love.

Traditionally, getting together with mom involved a lot of sitting and eating out. Not uncommon to find us camped out in front of the TV watching a rented movie and eating pizza that was delivered to our door. The next day would involve some type of shopping trip and going out to eat. That's what it was like about a year ago.

I suddenly realized just how much things had changed when shortly after mom's arrival, we packed up some essentials and headed out to the park at Freeman Lake. My mom looked great and was full of so much energy - I so need to mention that she turns 67 this year.

It was non stop from this point forward. From the park to the bowling alley to grilling out in the backyard - fresh Salmon, dill and capers, a side of grilled asparagus and grilled mango for dessert. We were living the habits many strive to meet on a daily basis...and it just came naturally to us.

Feeding the Geese

The Playground

Now my mom has not been bowling in over 40 years. She was so hesitant at the start - Tyler was quick to show her what to do as he performed a "granny style" bowling stance. Well my mom ended up kicking both of our butts as her 3 strikes contributed to the highest score.

Jumping on the Trampoline
Our backyard hold many opportunities for fun activities - this was a sight! My mom was jumping higher than Tyler most of the time! The laughter was Non Stop!

We fit more meaningful activities in our short time together than I could ever imagine. This not only made for a fit and active time together, but deepened the memories we created. I am so very fortunate to have such an amazing mom who has taught me many important life lessons. From finding the humor in life to truly believing in myself and having the courage to succeed - no matter what I do.

Thank you Mom for these very special memories. Tyler and I look forward to many more!

Discover the impact Fit Yummy Mummy can have on Your Life and Those you Love.

Fit Yummy Mummy

Change your Life Today!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Transformation Challenge

Get Your Body Summer Ready

You are Invited!

Join the 12 Week Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Challenge!
This is your Summer to finally lose the belly fat and unleash your Yummy-ness!

YOU - The holder of the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System.

What: 12 Week Transformation Challenge

When: Registration begins July 1st - deadline to enroll is July 31 st. Challenge begins from the moment you register: posting before photos, starting stats and goals.

Where: Join ClubFYM - and starting next week you will have access to a private July Transformation Challenge Group where you will receive additional support and bonus resources to help you attain your Best results Ever over the next 12 weeks.

Challenge FAQ's

1.) What are The RULES?

~ Have FYM: You must have purchased the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System and use the FYM approved nutrition guidelines as well as the FYM approved workout plans to achieve your results. The handbook has a step by step program listed out for you to follow along with any additional resources shared on ClubFYM.

~ Join the July Transformation Challenge Group: As a member of ClubFYM you will join a private July Transformation Challenge Group reserved for you where you will Officially Register and begin posting the stated requirements.

- To register and have access to the Transformation Challenge Bonuses you will be asked to post your Starting Stats, a dated before picture and your 12 week Goals - using the Fit Yummy Mummy Goal Setting Sheet.

- You must keep a workout journal by posting in the Transformation Challenge group only. This not only creates accountability and provides the information needed to qualify as a finalist, but every amazing transformation has been fueled by detailed and regular tracking of your routine and progress.

- As requested, there will be an option to post your "menus" online as well. Because this is optional - there will be a special bonus gift at the end of the 12 weeks for those who do choose to use this as a tool to achieve their Challenge results.

2.) So does the Challenge Begin on July 1st?
The FYM Transformation Challenge runs from the moment you register (posting your photo, stats and goals) and officially ends 12 weeks (84 days) from August 1st which happens to be October 24th. All transformations must start and finish during this time period. Therefore, you could start as late as August 1st - this is the registration deadline or as early as July 1st. Up to you.

3.) What if I am Expecting?

Take the lead like Marloes has! No need to Not take advantage of the additional resources, support and accountability during this very important time of your and your baby's life. You will just have different goals and a slightly different FYM approach.

4.) Is it okay to participate in the Challenge a second time?

Absolutely! I hope everyone who registered for the 1st challenge will participate again. Striving to achieve your very best is an ongoing process. There is no "END" to improving your body, your mind, your life.

5.) The Challenge is 12 weeks long, but I am already half-way through the Advanced Bonus Workouts...what will I follow to be able to participate?
Just because you are near the "end" of the FYM program does not mean you can never revisit the workouts you have already completed. In one of your start up coaching calls, I will discuss various ways to recycle your FYM workouts so you will continue to be challenged and realize your results.

6.) How are winners Chosen?
The Transformation Challenge Finalists will be judged by a panel of experts, including but not restricted to: Holly Rigsby, Cassandra Forsythe, women’s nutrition and diet expert and Shondelle Solomon-Miles - Weight Loss Educator & Coach, Body Transformation Specialist. Once the finalists are chosen, voting is open to the public - as seen in our last challenge.

To be considered as a finalist, in addition to providing your final measurements and an After Photo, each contestant must write and submit a 300 word essay on their before and after success story.

Finalists will be chosen based on their personal best - considering progress and results over the 12 week period (no comparisons are made - this is all bout YOU and what YOU can achieve when you out your all into it!). As you can see from the last challenge...narrowing it down was super difficult. I had to make some hard decisions and choose a group of 12 finalists.

7.) What do we win?
(So far this is what I have, I am exploring additional gift options and will post the final Gift Offerings next week)

Grand Prize - $1,000 American Express Gift Card for the Shopping Spree of Your Choice, $500 worth of Prograde Supplements

Second Place – iPod Touch 8GB - easily jam to your favorite tunes in style while your workout.

Third Place - $250 Victoria Secret Gift Card to treat your new body.

EVERYONE WINS : Not only will you come out of the next 12 weeks with a New Body and a New Life - there will be a special prize awarded to every single FYM who starts and finishes the entire 12-week challenge.

~~Bonus Gifts to Facilitate your Results~~

Online Menu Planner

You will have access to the next best thing to having your own "private nutritionist" - 12 MONTHS of access to Nutrition for Results Online Menu Planning. There you will be able to create unlimited, nutritionally balanced meals using your favorite foods. This same exact program sells online for $119.40 per year. ($119.40 Value)

Prograde Coupons
- Save 20% off your 1st Fit Club order.

Coaching Calls with Holly Rigsby
To help assist you in the transformation, I will be holding 6 LIVE bi-weekly group coaching calls to help answer questions and keep you on track during the transformation challenge. During the last Challenge, coaching calls were recorded and will be shared during this challenge as well.

Access Expert Interviews

I will be inviting 3 additional experts to interview during your 12 week challenge as well...from Dax Moy - author of the Elimination Diet to Jayson Hunter - Prograde's dietitian and author of the Carb Rotation Diet.

Your next step?

Ask yourself if you are in.

Then, be sure you have the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System Click =>HERE, you understand the rules and you are ready and willing to make your commitment to get fit and achieve your very best.

Join ClubFYM =>HERE
and be on the lookout next week to request to join the July Transformation Challenge Group so you may begin your Transformation Challenge!

I look forward to working with you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free Call with Holly: Banish Your Mommy Belly

Give Your Workout a Makeover

The Final Call in the Yummy Mummy Makeover Teleseminar Series is Today!

Yes, you get to listen in as my wonderful husband interviews me on what it takes for moms to finally shed the unwanted fat through the most effective forms of exercise.

Here is a brief overview:

Give your workout a Makeover and Lose your Mommy Belly! A Yummy Mummy Makeover just wouldn’t be complete with out the guidance of the top Busy Mom’s fitness expert as she takes you through the step-by-step process of giving your workout a complete makeover. Holly also reveals her top workout secrets for super-charging your metabolism, striping away unwanted fat, achieving a flat tummy and getting the body you want in only 90 minutes a week….all from the comfort of home.

You can listen in starting today, June 19th at 1:00 pm EST by visiting:

This a a free re-recorded call (actually getting ready to sit down with my husband and record it) and will be up for you to listen to for a full 24 hours.

If you are new to ClubFYM and wonder what the Fit Yummy Mummy workout system is really all about...Do make the time to listen in.

If you have Fit Yummy Mummy you may still want to take a listen to catch a few additional tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

Thanks to all of you have have been actively taking in all the information from the Makeover Calls. I hope this has only added more goodness to your life and your results.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments on ClubFYM!

Talk to you soon!

~ Holly

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reasons WHY Fit Yummy Mummy will NOT Work for You

This Program Isn't Working

A reality check into the expectations of your "weight loss plan".

"I've been looking for a good diet and exercise program - and I hope you can help.

The one I have isn't working. I'm convinced it's flawed - somehow its creator has overlooked an important component - she seems to promote exercise and healthy eating, and something called support and accountibility.

I guess I missed the fine print.

I was excited in the beginning.

I tried the workouts, I followed the eating plan and NOTHING happened. I didn't see any results. You'd think after 24 hours on the program I would have dropped at least 24 pounds!!!! I thought I'd read somewhere to expect a 1-2 pound loss every hour!

I got a copy of this diet that was promoted - and again - NOTHING!
I suppose it helps if you actually follow the plan....but I mean, come on, throw me a bone!

So......I've decided............I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!

I've been searching other sites for a program that WILL work.
Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

Here's what I'm looking for.....

- I want to eat the way I eat now.
- I don't want to give up pastry, candy, cookies or diet coke.
- I don't want to exercise.
- I want to indulge my every whim.
- I don't want any accountibility.
- I don't want to change my lifestyle.
- I want the right to be selfish 24/7.

.....And, oh yeah, I still want to lose this weight FAST!
And by fast I pretty much mean tomorrow.
I'll take a few weeks......or even a month........but this 90 extra pounds has got to be gone within 30 days. That's about all I'm willing to invest.

On second thought, I can commit to 24-48 hours, depending on how rigid the program is and the work involved.

So to summarize.....I don't really want to change anything about my life or myself......but I still want to lose weight.

I'll wait for your responses.


That was a somewhat lighthearted look at how I feel on a daily basis. To shed some light on where I was coming from, I wrote this post AFTER doing my first interval workout in three weeks! I try for a day and give up.

It's the story of my life. And right after my workout I was on a high - and was going to post the usual I-can-do-it post, this-time-it-will-be-different post......but who am I kidding?

It doesn't matter how much resolve I have, I WILL go back to my comfortable old eating habits tomorrow!! I will wish for all of the things I wrote about in this post (quick weight loss without the work), and I will 'fail.'

But something inside me is getting stronger...

....tiny changes are happening, and I'm making more conscious decisions.....and so, even if I stray for a while, I keep coming back. And that's what I LOVE about this program.....and that's why I do come back....and I'll keep coming back for as long as it takes.

Because it's not about how many times we fall's all about getting back up!

I'm also happy to know ya'll know me well enough by now to see the humour in that post!!!! Fit Yummy Mummy ROCKS - I could NEVER say anything bad about it!!!!

~ Kathleen, Proud Member of ClubFYM

Ready to make your commitment, to get Your Body Back?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Facebook Fat Loss Scam

Don't Fall for Testimonial Scams

Look Familiar?

This ad on Facebook was brought to my attention from some outraged Fit Yummy Mummy's - including the FYM in the picture...Maria! You may remember Maria from the Transformation Challenge and her previous post:

Flat Abs After Five Kids Without a Single Sit Up

Well it seems others have enjoyed her before and after photos just as much for they decided to steal this copyrighted photo and use it to promote some sales of their own.

At first the ladies were thrilled to see Maria for they thought it was a Fit Yummy Mummy ad. They were surprised and upset to see that this photo linked to an unrelated product - a Fad Weight loss product - a hyped up green tea drink that helps you magically burn fat.

Of course it does no good to contact this green tea company for all the links are phony. Facebook is no help for they require you to submit a complaint that requires you to include the URL of the copyrighted photo being used. Kind of hard to do when the only URL you do get is the one of the green tea company that pops up after clicking on the photo. Facebook's ads run in this side bar and change constantly - so even the FYM's who brought this to my attention were unable to show me directly until they were able to capture a screen shot.

The message here - you need to be careful of the claims that are made to by many weight loss fads.

What follows is an article I had written to help the ClubFYM community when it came to making sense of all the promises that are made to you for fast and easy weight loss. I hope this example as well as the information in this article empowers you with a new awareness and the confidence to make better well informed choices when it comes to your weight loss efforts.

Your Fat Loss Funnel

Having trouble making sense of the latest Fat Loss Remedies, Prescriptions and Trends?

Do you tend to doubt your choices or feel confused by the variety of strategies with testimonial proof that promise you will look better, lose weight quickly and never regain it?

Many women fall in this trap and I’m sure you tried or know someone close who tried any number of diet fads with similar results....

* you initially lose weight, but that is mostly water and muscle tissue
* you feel weak because your body lacks minerals and vitamins
* you have unexpected cravings
* your moral is low
* you eventually regain all the weight you lost and most likely end up with a little extra too.

So how do you make sense of it all when each approach has a number of studies and before and after pictures to prove their method of "weight loss" works and is all you will ever need?

Enter - your Fat Loss Funnel.

Either you have the Fit Yummy Mummy System or you are just considering your options...doesn't matter for you still need a way to determine what is fact, what is fiction and what will work best for you.

To start, let's get the "easy" part of the Fat Loss Funnel.

No matter how glorified the "program" or "product" appears to be, you can feel confident in turning away if it has one or more of the following traits...

* Promises or Guarantees rapid weight loss.
Any weight loss of more than 2 pounds per week is too rapid, unsafe, and is unlikely to stay off.

* Promises easy weight loss without exercise or that weight loss can be maintained without lifestyle changes - this means, you do not have to change how you eat, how you move or how you think....and you will still lose??

* Uses miracle or magical foods or drinks.
No food or drink can melt away fat or undo years of overeating and lack of effective exercise.

* It's basis lies in restricting what you eat.
From asking you to consume less than 1,000 calories to asking that you consume only one (or a limited number) of foods - BIG red flag if the foods you are asked not to eat are whole, natural foods - or encourages consuming certain types foods in mass quantities. A sound nutrition plan is one that is balanced and includes a variety of healthful foods.

* Your results hinge on the use of unproven weight loss aids such as herbs, appetite suppressants, fat burning supplements, body wraps, pills, cellulite creams, etc.

* Sound too good to be true.
We are women. We were born with an innate trait called Intuition. This is that initial gut feeling you have about something....and if it is in any way a negative-not-so-sure feeling...Listen to your gut.

Just so everyone is clear - there is no magic bullet, instant cure, or easy way out. True Fat Loss Results are not mindless nor easy.

Here at ClubFYM you have access to a trusted source - one that actually cares about your ability to achieve TRUE fat loss results and make positive, permanent changes to your lifestyle so you will never have to ride the weight loss roller coaster again.

Next Step:

At this point - once you have the Obvious traits of a Fad out of the way - you have a decision to make.
This is a personal decision and may hinge on many factors but you first must choose based on what sounds good, feels right and fits into your lifestyle.

The true secret to Fat Loss Results is ........Consistency.
As Shannon eventually realized during a trip to the bookstore...feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of diet books available...just about any plan will get you results - As Long As You Do IT.

Therefore, when it comes down to making that personal must ask yourself if this "plan" is something you are willing to do for the rest of your life.

Shannon says it best:

"...maybe the "magic pill" is really about finding something that works for me.
As I read through Holly's ebook the first time, I just remember thinking things like: I can do this, I already do that, that doesn't sound so bad, those exercises look fun, we eat that already, I like eating every few hours. There was nothing that sent me running for the snack cabinet out of a Last Supper sort of desperation. And no crazy advice that a mom could never follow."

What is your Fitness Personality?

~ If you will be consistent by having one plan, that rings true to your needs and your lifestyle and eliminates confusion - then one is all you need.

~ If you will be consistent by having a couple trustworthy plans to pick and choose from for added variety - then your approach to invest in more than one program is what works best for you.

No matter what approach you decide to take, I hope that you will take the time to at least allow ClubFYM to be your checkpoint or funnel if you will, as you hold alternative approaches next to the concepts you do know work so you can avoid the thoughts of...."What if I'm doing this all wrong!"

"...what I've learned is that all sorts of diets can give people results (whether or not they maintain the results is another story), but what really matters is finding the one that feels right, and FYM really is a Mom's best friend." ~ Shannon

ClubFYM - a community that not only provides support and guidance - but is also one you can trust.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fit Yummy Mummy Shopping Trip

Skinny Jeans, Six Packs and Cheesecake

What more could a group of fabulous Fit Yummy Mummy's ask for!

My trip to meet the Fit Yummy Mummy's for an afternoon of Lunch and Shopping was as great as I expected!

Now I always have a funny story to go along with the events in my life.

So my Saturday began with waking up early enough to get some work done online, get ready and pack up my gifts and cameras for the big event. I was proud of myself for getting it all finished so I would be to our FYM destination early - for once!

I was too excited!

As I stopped off at the bank to get a little extra spending money, I get a call from my husband....asking me how far I had made it. Turns out, the T-Ball equipment was in my truck ....and Patrick had a T-Ball game that afternoon (he's Tyler's coach). Well he was kind enough to drive out and meet me as not to delay my trip.

Back on the road - driving from Elizabethtown KY to Cincinnati OH was going to be about a 2 1/2 hour drive. The sky is clearing, the sun is shining I am just getting on the highway that leads straight into Cincinnati and my phone rings. It is Sheri! She says..."Hey - where are you?" I happily chime in that I just got on hwy 71.

She is quiet.
I look at the clock. It says 10:30...?
I quickly reply - OH NO....what time was I supposed to meet you?

She says what I dreaded....10:00!
I am still a good hour and so many minutes away.
They were all there....waiting for me!!!
What was I Thinking!
LUNCH....that's it. I had it in my mind what time we were meeting for Lunch - rather than the actually meeting time - but it WAS the Cheesecake Factory!!!

Sheri was very forgiving and understanding as she passed the news on to the anxiously waiting group of FYM's. I just afforded them an extra hour of shopping time!

Of course I felt horrible, but all I could do was Laugh at myself for being so scatter brained!

I finally made it - and just in time for lunch.

Meeting Susan, Angela, Deb and Alison was such a treat!
(I knew Sheri from it was awesome of her to organize this small event)

I felt like I was getting together with old friends.

After Hugs and Congrats Wishes, we sat down together for lunch and just started chatting away!
We talked about everything from our family's to our fitness routines. It is amazing just how much FYM has changes their lives! Each of these ladies were just Beaming! I am just so proud!

We all made very healthy choices for our meals - reason being....just about all of us planned on getting one of those Yummy pieces of Cheesecake! ~ You just can't go to The Cheesecake Factory without one!

Once I presented Susan - the Transformation Challenge Winner - with half of her grand prize - $1,000 American Express Gift Cards (Her $500 Prograde shipment is on its way...)

...It was Time to Shop!

Now this was fun for here I was with a group of dedicated FYM's who have invested in themselves to create some pretty amazing finding new clothes, new styles...New Sizes was such treat to watch!

Of course you KNOW shopping must include the trying on of new skinny jeans!

Angela was Thrilled to finally fit into a Size 4!

Susan pointed out the just how expensive a good pair of skinny jeans can be!

After being reprimanded a couple times, we had to take pictures outside of the stores of our great finds.

Here's another funny story...
The story about the Six Pack!

Susan drove all the way from Nashville, TN the night before and stayed with Angela. Seeing the two of them together, you would have sworn the were best friends. Well this was the first time they had met (just another testament to the amazing network of women we have here at ClubFYM).

So Angela is a bit worried that Susan is coming to stay....worried for the TC Winner may find out that Angela has some unsupportive foods in her pantry. It was too cute as Susan shared the thought of placing a six pack in her fridge - only to take a picture and share with you all!

We all had an amazing time and of course you know the afternoon went by Way Too Fast!

We took our final pictures outside of the mall and discussed plans for another shopping trip.

Of course I mentioned that this Fall we are planning on holding a larger FYM retreat - it will be local - most likely in Louisville - and something that would allow a larger group of us all get together for a weekend to really share, discover and deepen the bond that connects us online.

So be on the lookout - this Fall will also Mark the one year anniversary of Fit Yummy Mummy - Hey premiere FYM's....can you believe how quickly this past year has been! And you have all made such amazing progress.

So thank you to YOU and those of you who are new to the ClubFYM community.

For those who are still "thinking about it" or are even a bit skeptical.... I hope you can really see what makes us unique in the world of weight loss fads.

You just cannot find this anywhere else.

I am blessed to be here, to have you in my life, to share this amazing experience with you!

Become a member and experience today....Join ClubFYM Here.

Be sure to grab your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy so you too have the exact blue print to fat loss results so you can join the women who have changed their bodies and their lives.
For a limited time - you can Try Fit Yummy Mummy for just $4.95

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I look forward to working with you!

~ Holly

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Fit Yummy Mummy Challenge Wnners

Grand Prize Winner...
Susan Pearson
Susan Pearson Re-Sculpts her “Starved-Skinny” Body: Achieves A Toned, Defined Body and Bikini Ready Abs by Working Out Less!

Susan wins the Grand Prize - $1,000 American Express Gift Card for the Shopping Spree of HER Choice - PLUS over $500 worth of FREE Prograde Supplements!

Second Place:
Samantha Schiavone
35 year old Mom, Samantha Schiavone Eliminates Fluffiness and Gains a Brand New Sexy Body. Total of Loss of 5 pounds, over 8 total inches and is Back her Size 4 Skinny Jeans!

Samantha takes Second Place winning an iPod Touch - now she can easily jam with Style to her favorite tunes while she works out. PLUS $100 gift basket of goodies to pamper her New Body from Vintage Body Spa.

Third Place:
Mary Dikeman

Mary Dikeman Celebrates New Beginnings with a New Fit and HEALTHY Body: She Lost Over 25 pounds, Over 26 total inches – Over 6 Inches from her Mommy Belly Alone- and 4 % Body Fat!

Mary takes Third Place winning a $250 Victoria Secret Gift Card to treat her new body. PLUS $75 gift basket of goodies to pamper herself from Vintage Body Spa.

Begin your Transformation Today....

Try Fit Yummy Mummy for just $4.95!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fit Tips for Father's Day

My Dad - Gotta Love Him!

Sunday is Father's Day!

And while it's the day to celebrate and honor Dad, it's also a good time to make sure THEY are taking care of themselves so they'll be around for many more.

One of the simple things Dads can do to take better care of themselves is to eat more fruits and vegetables.

But who doesn't know that already, right? And my Dad will tell you that he does!

Truth is, most everyone knows it, but hardly anyone does it.

Especially busy Dads who tell themselves they have more immediate things to do than worry about whether or not they've eaten a certain number of fruits and veggies each day.

Fortunately, some men make it a point to supplement their nutritional needs by taking a multi-vitamin each day.

That's good news, right?

Well, yes and no.

While I do applaud anyone for taking positive steps when it comes to their health and well-being, the products they are using aren't always the best.

You see, many synthetic vitamins you can buy at the grocery store aren't exactly created with the best ingredients.

For one thing: They're synthetic. Meaning they are "man made". And study after study has shown that these vitamins created in labs are not absorbed as well as those that naturally exist.

Plus, many "vitamin" products don't even have the amounts of ingredient and nutrients in them that they claim to on the label! Yes, labels do lie.

But don't worry, because I have some really good news for you and all the Dads out there.

My friends at Prograde Nutrition are holding a Father's Day Sale this week. And to make sure all the dads out there are getting the best possible nutrients from their "mutli" they are offering 10% off on their amazing Men's VGF 25+ product.

It's made from 25 whole food concentrates.

Yes, that means the nutrients are coming DIRECTLY from a combination of 25 whole vegetables, greens and fruits. There's none of that synthetic junk you'll find in the products on the grocery store shelves.

Prograde's VGF 25+ gets my full recommendation -I am living proof to what it has done to improve my body and my life, time to change the daughter- dad relationship and pass something on to him. My Dad will be getting this unique gift...along with a bag of pistachios - his Favorite - and a couple more gifts that show just how much he means to me.

You can discover what makes this product so special by reading all about it Here => at Prograde.

And if you make the smart move and try some for you or the Dads in your life, here are all the details you need to know about the sale.

Prograde's Father's Day Sale

- 10% off Men's VGF 25+ only. But it can be single bottle, three packs of the auto ship option.

- If you choose the auto ship option the 10% off applies to the first order only

- The sale runs until 11:59pm EST this Friday, June, 13th.

- When you get to the checkout page the coupon code is:


Again, Prograde's VGF 25+ gets my FULL recommendation. Their products are simply the best. In fact, they are so good, you can't even get them in stores. Prograde only makes its products available through top-flight fitness professionals - just like you know who ;-)

Take the time right now to learn more about Prograde's incredible whole-foods based multi-vitamin. You won't find an easier way to provide your body with the powerful nutrients of 5 whole vegetables, greens and fruits.

Prograde: Check it out Today

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Focused on Burning Calories on the Treadmill?

Cardio Calories: Effective for Fat Loss?

"How accurate are the calories burned on a treadmill? It is hard for me to reconcile that when I was doing a longer cardio workout it would say I burned 500 calories and now when
I do the short burst intervals for 15-20 minutes it says I only burned 160 calories. A few people told me the treadmill reading is wrong anyway. What do you think? Thanks, K "

"This is a great question!
I have written several articles on the Fit Yummy Mummy Blog as well as within ClubFYM that help address this concern as well as what is stated in your Fit Yummy Mummy handbook.

When Fat Loss is your goal, your concern will lie in boosting your metabolism so your body burns more calories 24-7.

A lot of women fall prey to the number of calories burned on a treadmill for it is immediate feedback.

However, this number can be off by as much as 30% as it does not account for
several variable....such as:

~ your body fat percentage. A person who has a higher percentage of body fat will usually burn less calories than a person with more muscle mass.

~ your fitness level. If you're new to an activity, you'll usually burn more calories than a fit person doing the same activity.

To further the issue, the typical mindset is - the more calories I burn, the faster I will lose weight, the more weight I will lose.

That is great, however, immediate calorie burn is not what makes a difference on your body's ability to burn more fat and calories all day long. The elevated calorie burn you see on a treadmill diminishes and goes back to "normal" shortly after the cardio session ends. This means your body is burning less overall calories.

Plus, the longer you "do" cardio, the more you put your body at risk of burning lean muscle. Not good for fat loss, for muscle is the foundation of your calorie burn...the more lean muscle you have - the more calories you burn - all day, all night....not just when you are exercising.

So in essence - women find themselves doing more and more cardio based on the # of calories burned and the fact that they end up having to do more and more since the entire process ends up backfiring and slowing down their metabolism. It is very common for women to end up doing long bouts of cardio just to maintain a body they are not happy with, feeling nothing works and there is no other option.

This is why a balanced fitness program is a must.

Not only must you have a concern for supportive nutrition but also a fitness plan that addresses how much lean muscle your body holds.

Resistance Training is the heart of a true fat loss program for it addresses how many calories your body burns 24-7 as resistance training increases your lean muscle (and remember, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you stated in the handbook).

The short burst intervals that you perform are not going to show a huge increase in calories while you perform them...however, due to the intensity and nature of the workout, your metabolism will continue to stay elevated for 24-36 hours afterwards.

Traditional cardio - while yes has some benefits - will not give you this benefit nor the advantage to faster and more effective fat loss.

Plus intervals are short!
As busy women, we just do not have the TIME to spend hours every week on the treadmill. Short burst intervals not only allow you to use your time more effectively, but also BOOST your Metabolism for there is no risk of the loss of lean muscle from long cardio sessions.

So my advice is to not base your success around this feature on the treadmill. You will get results simply by following the Fit Yummy Mummy guidelines and focus your cardio sessions on short, but intense intervals to help you see faster fat loss results.

Oh and not sure if you caught this article: Is Steady State Cardio Better than...?

For more information about Intervals - Click HERE.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fit Yummy Mummy Contest - Everyone Wins!

Have You Placed Your Vote?

Vote ===>HERE

Voting begins NOW - HURRY, you have until Wednesday, June 11th to place your vote. Winner will be announced on Thursday, June 12th.

YES - Voting is open to anyone and everyone - so please feel free to send your friends and family to the Contest Voting Page - copy and paste the link shown above. The more votes - the more exciting this becomes!!!

The NEXT Challenge Begins this July!

You can get started now and I am here to help bust all of your excuses....

Will it work for me?
Now you have the undeniable proof that Fit Yummy Mummy WORKS.

The next barrier?

I just can't afford it right now.

Well to help you get past this obstacle, Fit Yummy Mummy can be yours to try for 21 days risk-free just $4.95!

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"Its so hard to vote ahhhh!!! :) Everyone has had wonderful inspiring. I am very new to this site and really don't know anyone :( but thats okay because reading the essays and posts, I have gotten alot of great information about the tremendous people on this site. The 12 finalists have done amazing and in my mind they have all won but I will ultimately make my decision...some time ;) Kudos to all participants and I hope to be in the next one in the fall!"
~ Tina, proud member of ClubFYM

What are you waiting for?

Fit Yummy Mummy $4.95 Trial Offer

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Transformation Challenge Contest

Place Your Vote

Now that 1st Ever Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Transformation Challenge has come to an end....YOU get to help choose who will walk away with the Grand Prize!

Warning: This will not be easy...there are a total of 12 finalists.

All with amazing before and after pictures and some powerful testimonials to go along with them.


Voting begins NOW and will run until next Wednesday, June 11th.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, June 12th.

YES - Voting is open to anyone and everyone - so please feel free to send your friends and family to the Contest Voting Page - The more votes - the more exciting this becomes!!!


Grand Prize - $1,000 American Express Gift Card for the Shopping Spree of Your Choice - PLUS over $500 worth of FREE Prograde Supplements!

Second Place – iPod Touch - easily jam with Style to your favorite tunes while your workout. PLUS $100 gift basket of goodies to pamper your body from Vintage Body Spa.

Third Place - $250 Victoria Secret Gift Card to treat your new body. PLUS $75 gift basket of goodies to pamper your body from Vintage Body Spa.

"I want to participate!"

Next Transformation Challenge will be held Fall 2008 - no need to wait to get started.
Once you have the Fit Yummy Mummy System you can begin changing your Body and your Life today.

The bonus being you have all the support you could ask for - including the insights, advice and encouragement from the very women who have -"Been there, Done That" at ClubFYM.

Let's Rock the Vote for the most amazing Fit Yummy Mummy's!!!!



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fit Yummy Mummy Intervals MP3

Your Cardio Express Bonus

If you enjoy the challenge of interval training workouts but are tired of having to be a prisoner to your watch – or your husband who has trouble watching the clock for you, then you will love the Fit Yummy Mummy Cardio Express!

This exclusive bonus features a 4 minute cardio interval training soundtrack that tells you when to start, stop, and even provides you with countdowns and updates to keep you focused on the task at hand.

You can instantly downloadable your FREE Cardio Express Interval Bonus mp3 below

Click HERE for your FREE Intervals MP3

Everybody’s got at least 5 minutes!

As busy moms, there will be days when we simply do not have enough time for a full 15 to 30-minute workout. Therefore the typical approach we take is to just skip the workout altogether mistakenly believing that no significant results can occur in less time anyways.

This could not be further from the truth! Well get ready for Tabatas - 4 minutes of high-intensity interval training, featuring the breakthrough Tabata Protocol that Japanese scientists used to compare the effects of only 4 minutes of high-intensity interval training to a slow, long 60-minute steady-state aerobic alternative. They found greater fat loss and greater improvements in overall conditioning with the following 4-minute interval routine versus the full hour of aerobics!

It’s not about time...
It's not about how many calories a machine "says" you burned…


For more super effective Fat Burning workouts that take less than 90 minutes a week, be sure to grab your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy today!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Start Over

Mission: Better Body for Summer

Hello Summer!

Summer is the season where we tend to go into "relax" mode.

There are women who have reached their summer ready body and now feel it is time for a break from all their hard work - only to find themselves battling the slow creep of weight gain over the summer months.

Then there are women who have not yet reached their goals and settle with a mindset that says..."This is as good as it is going to get...why keep trying?"

Then there are the women of Fit Yummy Mummy and on ClubFYM who are ready and willing to take a different approach on their potential and what the summer months have to offer them.

What do these women know, that you do not?

How can they help YOU reach your summer fitness goals?

Here's a few of their Top Summer Success Strategies:

~ Fill up on Fresh Fruits and Veggies
~ Do Not Skip Meals
~ Get a full body resistance training workout in at least 3 days a week - you only need 10-15 minutes!

Join the most Successful Fit Yummy Mummy's and Get Back on Track This Summer

My Bonus Gift to you to help you Get Back on Track:
The Fit Yummy Mummy Goal Setting Guide

I have not just taken an excerpt from the 1st chapter of the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System Handbook, I have also included 10 additional FYM Goal Setting Templates written and shared by the Real Fit Yummy Mummy’s themselves who are using them and getting Results.

You have access to their Blueprints for Fat Loss Success!

A complimentary gift to you, for joining ClubFYM and taking action to recommit to your goals, to guarantee you achieve results by summer.

Get Ready Summer....Here You Come!

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