Monday, October 1, 2007

Are you a Fit Yummy Mummy?

According to the latest stories and reports in the media....and a few results from a google search - a Yummy Mummy is a glamorous, well-to-do sophisticated woman, who appears to have it all.

~ She is practically ageless.
~ She never loses her slim and trim figure.
~ She is sexually attractive.
~ She is hip and stylish.
~ Fresh and vibrant.
~ Never without a fresh coat of paint on her manicured nails and perfectly styled hair.
~ To top it off, her children look like they stepped right out of a fashion magazine, never wearing the same outfit twice.

So what's not to like?

Well for starters -how about the fact that this explanation defines a very small segment of women...and sets the rest of us up to think achieving such a "status' is unrealistic.

I know if I read this with the intent of becoming a Yummy Mummy - I would quickly rule myself out. Hello - I don't remember the last time I had a pedicure, my fashion sense entails me calling my younger sister to see what she thinks about an outfit I am trying to put together without embarrassing myself, and by no means am I sophisticated - which makes me think of coming off as flawless and a bit fake....nor am I anywhere near ageless!!!!

So I am going to re-define the whole Yummy Mummy concept right here and now. And YES...I am adding the term "Fit" for this very word adds a whole new dimension to who we are (and who we can be) as mothers and as women.

From this point on, there is absolutely no reason why every single mom cannot become the Fit Yummy Mummy she desires to be.

So What Is a "Fit Yummy Mummy?"

A mom who takes care of herself...

~She is filled with confidence - no matter what she wears or who she's around, people notice her
~Her health and fitness are just as important as the care of her family
~She respects herself
~She is a positive role model for her children
~She fills her body with nourishing foods
~She schedules time to challenge her body with exercise
~She mantains a lean, fit active figure
~Her attitude is positive and filled with empowering words
~Her age is defined by the way she feels - inside and out

By this definition, can you really "Have it All"?
YES you can.
By living the Fit Yummy Mummy just don't appear to have it really do!

Would you like to be a Fit Yummy Mummy?

Nicole Whelan was!

"My husband has really noticed a difference in my appearance and self confidence. I feel and look great! Yeah that’s the new me giving myself a compliment."

"All mothers should take the time for themselves. The best advice I ever received was “Woman First Family Always” in order to have a healthy balance in your family you have to be happy with yourself. You can’t find happiness through items or others. I feel being physically in shape is an attribute to feeling success as a mom, spouse and a woman."

You too can Transform yourself into a Fit Yummy Mummy.

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