Thursday, October 18, 2007

Slim in 6 - True Results in 6 weeks

How a Busy Mom can Burn Belly Fat and get Slim in 6 Weeks

Busy Mom, new Mom, Jennifer Hurley continues to prove to moms everywhere that you CAN get your body back after baby and NO it does NOT take 9 months to do so.

In just 6 weeks, Jennifer has lost a total of 11 pounds and 5% Body Fat. She lost a whopping 4 1/2 inches in her waist - proving that yes, you can lose the jelly belly!

Plus she is just 1 pound away from her pre-baby weight and has reached her 25% body fat goal.... 2 weeks early! And her daughter is not even 4 months yet!

So how did she do it?
What is she doing that is making such a HUGE impact on her ability to burn belly fat and get her pre-baby body back?

The Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle program!

Jennifer is ready and willing to share the "secrets" to fast fat loss. But she first wants every mom out there to know, that it IS possible and the biggest reason why this has been so successful to her is the fact that she WANTED it and made it a PRIORITY.

"You have to want it and you have to stick to it. Do not make excuses. Those moms who really want results and are willing to do what it takes will not take this comment the wrong way.

The Fit Yummy Mummy workouts and nutrition plans worked for me because I made the time and the effort to make it a part of who I am. Yes, I love spending time with my daughter, but I need to make time for me as well. She will be happier because I am happy. I know kids don't care what their mother's look like - the love is unconditional. But I know if I had the 'yummy mummy' at school - that would have been super cool. I just want my daughter to be proud of me and thankful for the example I have set for her." (these pants were tight on my belly just 6 weeks ago!)

So the 1st step to getting "slim in 6" is making your health and fitness a priority. It truly does make the entire transformation achievable and lasting.

Then of course comes the "fitness plan". Jennifer uses short burst resistance training workouts that work her entire body (see her one of her favorite workouts below). She has also completely changed the way she looks at and does cardio. It is no longer a running tally of minutes required each day, each week to burn more calories. Jennifer has embraced the concept of interval training. Not only has this freed up more of her precious time and eliminated the dreadful I-Have-To-Do-Cardio feeling, it has allowed her to see results even faster and have a blast in the process!

The final component to her fitness plan is what she eats. I will not get into the details right now, but it will be impossible for anyone to see results if what you put into your body is ignored. Jennifer has incorporated the concept of moderation and balance into her nutrition plan - she simply is aware of the difference between supportive vs. non-supportive food choices and habits. This is something we ALL have the ability to master.

Here is a sample of one of Jennifer's favorite Fit Yummy Mummy "Burn the Baby Fat" workouts (that she can do, right at home, first thing in the morning while her daughter is still sleeping).

She workouts out 3 days a week and completes her entire workout - resistance training and intervals - in less than 30 minutes.

A1 Prisoner Squat
A2 Close Grip Push Up (kneeling)

B1 Bulgarian Split Squat
B2 Medicine Ball WoodChop

C1 Side Plank
C2 Plank

Jennifer is an inspiration and is helping busy moms face the reality that it IS possible to get your body back. Take her story and use it to help you get started...soon you will be sending me YOUR amazing before and after pictures!


2Shupertkids said...

Wow. What an amazing and inspirational story. Thanks so much for sharing.

Rose said...

Way to go Jennifer! You look great! :D