Friday, October 26, 2007

Best Fat Loss Tool

How to Take Control and Increase Fat Loss

When it comes to a Busy Mom's Diet, it is how you eat most of the time that matters. So how DO you eat most of the time? What eating habits do you have that are keeping you in your current body?

There is no better time than NOW to find out. You can Take Control and Increase Fat Loss with a Food Journal. Effective exercise aside, this is one of the most powerful fat loss tools you can use.

"Food journal??? Who has time for that if you barely have time to eat? Write it down! Give me a break."

This person is obviously resistant to change. Of course it is normal for you to ask, "Do I have to?". Yes. Do you have to do it every day? No. But you must start somewhere and you must take action. Your results are completely reliant upon your actions. Plus -what I am sharing with you is one of the EASIEST first steps you can take and I'll show you why. So boot the excuses and open your mind.

Take our Busy Mom for example. As she tracked what she ate through the day she was filled with surprise. She had no idea the majority of her meals consisted of her children's leftovers. This habit has now been brought to her attention so every time she sits down to eat, she will think twice about eating her children's leftovers.

This simple awareness will allow her to slightly adjust what she chooses to eat and in turn will create a positive change which will only help accelerate fat loss efforts.

Yes, even if you are the busiest mom in the world, you too can do this! Allow me to break it down for you.

1st: Denial and vague ideas are of no use in the process of achieving results. The quickest, easiest way to create awareness is to Write It Down.

2nd: It does not matter how accurate you are. Notice our Busy Mom did not have to write down calories, fat grams, sugar, etc. to realize a few of her habits were the cause of her nutrition obstacles. You can fine tune your nutrition plan after you have a feel for your current habits.

3rd: View journaling as a Strategy - not a chore. If you are on the lookout for the best shortcut - This is it! This is the simplest way to better understand your habits, make smarter choices and increase fat loss.

4th: Journaling takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Either write it down as you eat it - 30 seconds here, 30 seconds there - OR write it down at the end of the day. Choose which way works best for you. If you have 5 minutes to check your email, then you have 5 minutes for this.

5th: Make it easy- use a journal that fits your lifestyle. From fancy food logs to colorful notebooks, grab one on sale at the bookstore. I prefer the $.25 memo pads that are small enough to keep in my pocket if necessary. Be sure to keep your journal in a place where you will see it and use it.

Try it out for at least 3 days and see what new insights you come up with. How you choose to continue is up to you. As you gain control and awareness, you can begin to gradually incorporate the strategies and tips which will lead to better, faster results.

Keeping a Food Journal is just ONE of the best tools for Fat Loss. There is no "ONE" quick fix when it comes to getting your body back. Rather, it is a combination of the best fat loss tools that work together to make your pre-baby body a reality. You can, however, take immediate action with this essential 1st step.

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Rose said...

I prefer to write down what I eat right after I eat it. If I wait until the end of the day, I forget what I ate throughout the day! Keeping a food journal also helps me to notice if I'm not getting enough of a certain food group.