Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrity Yummy Mummy Secrets

Super Slim Tori Spelling – what’s her secret?

Tori Spelling is working her way back to that slim, pre-baby body.
She is one celebrity who "gets it".

So what is she doing to lose the baby fat and get her body back?

Eat right and exercise - wow, that's a new one....stay with me on this, the reason why SHE gets it is that Tori Spelling's workout consists of a balance between cardio and resistance training.

This is area where a lot of moms miss out.

Too often we turn to traditional cardio to burn off the excess fat. As I have already shared, this is not the end all solution and plus this option leads us into doing more and more cardio, with the false belief that more is better, we feel like we are working so long and hard, it must be burning something....sure it is - Muscle!

Tori Spelling's workout to help blast baby fat and get her trim figure back consists of ab work, squats and lunges - my 2 favorite lower body exercises! Not only do they boost your metabolism - because you are working some of the largest muscles in your body - but you don't need any equipment to get started!

That's one of the 1st steps to building a busy mom workout.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention on your blog! What my daughter said just floored me. She still says things like that...

I love your website & blog...but I have something I just have to say...

Don't hold up celebrities as role models too much. It's just not fair. They can afford personal trainers, private chefs to make every healthy and delicious meal, housekeepers to clean their homes, nannies to babysit their kids whenever they need, and personal assistants to take care of EVERYTHING else. It's just not a fair comparison to us non-celebrity moms who are often a "one-woman-show" at home and work.

I look forward to seeing more great fitness advice and inspiration from you -- minus the celebrity comparisons -- or at least please sprinkle it very lightly ;)

That's my $.02 I hope I didn't offend.

Holly Rigsby said...

No offense taken Sarah! I understand your point completely.

It is not my intention for moms to hold themselves up to unrealistic standards. My point with Tori was to help get the point across of what a balanced fitness program is all about – and ANY mom has the capability to do that once she is armed with the right information.

Celebrities do have huge advantages, however – that does not mean the rest of us “un-famous” moms have to settle. It’s my goal to help enlighten and motivate moms to strive for something more, then provide them with the tools to make it happen.