Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Grocery Shopping Made Easy"

Step 3: Busy Mom Diet Makeover
Top 5 Tips that make Grocery Shopping Easy

An easy trip to the grocery store? Yes it is possible! You have already conquered the hardest part by completing the 1st 3 steps of the Busy Mom Diet Makeover.

1. The LIST - Taking a List to the grocery store is Non-Negotiable. This is essentially your roadmap. Make sure it is organized, detailed and specific. You will stay focused and reduce the amount of time in the store. If your list is vague, making decisions in the store makes you more vulnerable to impulse buying and marketing tactics. TIP: A list also provides you with the opportunity to DELEGATE this task.

2. EAT - Never shop for groceries on an empty stomach. Hunger increases temptation. If you are hungry when you shop for food, you will be led astray. I keep almonds in my car just in case.

3. BEWARE - Grocery stores are very tempting places. They are carefully designed by experts to persuade you to buy. Marketers actually study the shopping habits of women, so unless you know the marketing tactics, you can easily end up buying items you didn’t plan for. For example: End of aisle displays, there is nothing special about these items - ever notice how many of these displays are filled with Red Items? Consider RED your cue to stop yourself from grabbing it!

4. GET OUTSIDE - Shop the outside aisles. Grocery stores are designed with whole, natural foods on and around the perimeter. Avoid spending the majority of your time going up and down the aisles where highly processed, convenience foods are rampant.

5. PLAN your impulse items. We all have them. Whether it is a sweet snack from the organic aisle or the newest fragrance in the cleaning aisle, you will be more successful managing these "fun" buys when you plan then ahead of time. What a waste of my time and money if I spent every trip to the grocery store standing in the cleaning aisle smelling air fresheners! If I look ahead of time and know a particular brand is on sale - then I allow myself an "impulse buy" every once in a while.

EVERY nutrition decision starts in the grocery store.

When fat loss is your goal, you can't make supportive changes if you don't know what foods to choose (and which to lose). For more money and calorie saving strategies and tips, grab a copy of the Grocery Shopping Made Easy DVD . Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr of Mohr Results.com, walks you through step by step, aisle by aisle giving you the exact grocery plan to be successful so you can quickly and easily get your body back.

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Rose said...

Good tips! We try to use them all. We usually try to stick to our grocery list... and most of the groceries are on the outside aisle anyway. I've also found that buying basic groceries (like fruits and vegetables, meats, pasta, flour, etc...) allows me a lot more flexibility in menu planning than say... frozen pizzas, TV dinners, boxed pasta dinners, etc...