Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Grocery Shopping Tips You never Thought of!

A Peek inside my Grocery Cart

I made a trip to Aldi today.
If you have not need to go!
This is one of those tips you WANT to share with your girlfriends!
SO many good deals.

Here is a list of my great finds~

>Fit and Active Unsalted Dry Roasted peanuts
>Fit and Active Dried Apricots
>Southern Grove Pistachios
>Salsa - all varieties - mild, medium, southwest, peach-pineapple
>Olives - green and black
>Grandessa Portabella Mushrooms
>Spices - any variety
>Olive Oil
>Quick oats
>Canned Salmon, tuna, chicken, oysters.
>Grandessa RICE - Brown and Basmati
>Grandessa Pasta sauce
>Fat free refried beans
>Diced tomatoes
>Black Beans -
>household goods (paper towel, baggies, garbage bags...)
>Cheese - real stuff (block or thick sliced)
>String Cheese
>Grandessa Smoked Chicken Sausage

I tend to choose at least 2 different fruits and Lots of fresh Veggies.....cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, baby carrots, AVOCADO

>frozen section
Boca Burgers, grilled chicken tenderloins, Salmon fillets, Tilapia, Ground Turkey
VEGGIES and FRUIT - berry medley, raspberries, big bag of strawberries

I have heard that early shoppers have a better selection in the produce section. If possible, work it into your schedule to get in there the first half of the day.

I go grocery shopping once a week - I spend - on average - about $20 at Aldi's and $20 at Kroger (a list for another time). I stock up on essentials about 1 a month which adds another $20 - $40 to my bill (includes household items as well). I feed myself, my husband and my 6-year-old son (I pack his school lunch and afternoon snack every day).

So yes you can eat healthy on a budget!

The biggest help is PLANNING your meals ahead of time - it save you time, money and energy! Knowing exactly what you need will prevent you from spending money on things you DO NOT need and eliminate wasting money on foods not used that end up going bad.
Every meal I make, I always take a moment to see how I can reuse at least one item over the next day or two.

Consolidate and be Creative. You will surprise yourself!

PLUS....this is all about managing those calories. Once you are aware, you see how to use these calories and yummy, family-friendly foods to your advantage!

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