Wednesday, January 9, 2008

3 Reasons Why Your Resolutions are Not Turning into Results

You are Officially One Week into your New Year's Resolutions

"My goal is to finally Lose Weight and Get Fit!"
So, How are you doing so far?

Did you start off strong ...but now suddenly feel the urge to make excuses as to why you just don't have the time?

Maybe you are second guessing yourself - thinking that now is just not the right time for you.

Or are your feeling frustrated by the scale and it's inability to show your progress - thinking to yourself that this just doesn't work?

Before you completely abandon your "weight loss" efforts and join the millions who "give up" year after year, you need to know what is happening, why and what you can do to stay on track.

Here are 3 Tips to turn your Resolutions into Results!

~ Back Track: The first thing you can do to protect your goal against becoming yet another failed resolution is to go back to square shouldn't be that hard - it was only a week ago. Time to revisit your goals. What was it that you are setting out to achieve? Once you remind yourself you have 2 questions to ask yourself.

1. Is this realistic? Now this can easily be distorted by fad diets which "promise" to help you "lose weight" - and a lot of it, quickly. This is especially true of the most popular weight loss show "Biggest Loser" - which after last night will make you feel like a Loser if you only lose 1 pound in a week - or nothing at all. If you have compared your goals and your results you need to know this is NOT the way to gage your success - especially if your rest all of your success on scale weight.

It is VERY common for Fit Yummy Mummy's to experience little to no change in the scale during the first 4 to 6 weeks. Reason being - their goal is to increase the amount of lean muscle to create a supercharged metabolism that will burn off more fat and keep it off. Instead they notice an tremendous increase in energy, elimination of cravings and hunger and their clothes are getting lose to the point where it is time to go down a size and they FEEL so much better about themselves.

If your "weight loss" program tells you that your success hinges on scale weight - it is time to find a more supportive, longer lasting, positive life changing approach.

2. Why? What is your reason? Why do you want to "lose weight"? Keep asking why until you come across an answer that hits a nerve. This will help to provide the fuel for your motivation.

~ Implement a Zero-Tolerance Policy - NO MORE Excuses
By now I am sure everyone has seen the very powerful YouTube clip created by Nike that will banish any inkling of making an excuse from this point forward.

The moment you make excuses or place blame is the moment you give up the power to make a difference in your life. If you catch yourself about to make one - stop yourself! Take a look at your reasons Why and review this video.

~ Support
There is absolutely NO reason why you must go at this alone. At least the "Biggest Loser" got this part right as far as teaching the viewers what it takes to get results. Having a support system will help to keep you motivated, listen to your struggles, relieve your doubts and most importantly Hold You Accountable!

If you are at your wits end for you are unable to establish a reliable support system,
Fit Yummy Mummy has some exciting news to share with you on Monday, January 14th. You do NOT want to miss out on what you will be offered!

The best of intentions will do nothing to help you "lose weight", banish the mommy belly, get more energy, or to simply feel better. Stop the lip service and just decide to do one thing that is a positive step in the direction of the results you desire.

"I don't have specific measurements. However, my clothes are noticeably looser.
I have a lot more energy. I am much stronger. I can do 4 real push-ups! I can actually see a tri-ceps muscle. I am not spending hours upon hours exercising and getting stronger and leaner.

The best part about theFit Yummy Mummy program is how simple it is to implement. It takes a little planning and only 15 minutes per day exercising. It was a big change in how I eat and that was for the better. So easy to implement! I can work it into my busy schedule. So far, I have lost 8 lbs and 8 1/2 inches while my friend has struggled with WW for years. Thank you Holly for creating this program. You have made a huge impact on my life and the life of my family!" ~ Deirdre Thompson

What are you waiting for? Sign Up Today and Unleash Your Yummy-ness!


Jamison said...

d blog topic, look forward to your radio show!
-Jamison from

Madsam said...

it all sounds so great and I already have your ebook...but I'm having a really hard time getting started...being a working mom makes it so difficult to find the time, energy, and motivation to get moving and get my metabolism started...


Holly Rigsby said...

If you have Fit Yummy Mummy - come to and join the new membership site. You will have everything you need to get started and have the opportunity to network with the other FYM's for a super string support system. Hope to see you there!

Madsam said...


I did as you suggested and tried to join the membership long does it take for a response on the application? I did it yesterday and still haven't heard anything as yet. I was at work and didn't have a photo can I add a pic at a later time? I really just need to find the time to reading your book though and hoping it will motivate me to get started with my exercise...