Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fat Loss in a Bottle

Eat all you want and still lose weight!

Too Good to Be True?

Let's see..... "
by altering your desire to overeat (what scientists call “increasing satiety”), you reduce your caloric intake automatically and you lose weight without “dieting”... without calorie counting... without complex meal plans, frozen foods or feeling starved... and, best of all, without even trying."

So - here it is! The Magic Pill that allows you to lose weight without trying.

You can eat all you want for the magic lies in taking away your body's ability to feel hunger.

"AKÄVAR®- 20/50 restricts caloric intake to below your daily caloric requirement, you literally pull excess fat from all over your body, including your waist, hips, thighs and buttocks (the body’s natural fat storage sites)... leaving your body thinner, trimmer and sexier than you ever thought possible."

Fact: You cannot starve fat off of your body.
Will you lose weight by not eating? Yep - but you can count on the majority of this weight loss to be water and lean muscle.

Taking a pill will not solve the underlying reason as to why you are overweight. The moment the pills run out - or you run out of money (at $40 a bottle and 1 bottle lasts about 15 days)- what do you think will happen?

This was advised on a support site for users of this supplement....Q: If I stop taking Akavar will the weight just pack back on? A: If you stop taking Akavar and revert back to your old eating habits, the weight will probably come back."

"It is advisable to add healthy eating and exercise to your diet plan, although it’s not required for you to lose weight."

Pills do not banish bad habits!

Yes, the weight will come back on. You have spent your hard earned money to slow your metabolism too an absolute crawl. The moment you do begin to eat more - you will put the weight back on and you may end up heavier than before you began.

Lesson: If it sounds too good to be true - it is. If it has nothing to do with eating right and exercising - it is a false claim.

Nothing worth having comes quickly and easily.

There is no way around true and lasting fat loss. If there ever was a shortcut it lies in short burst workout programs that increase lean muscle and feeding your body - not starving it.

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