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Does Eating Yogurt Burn More Fat?

Is there TRUTH in Foods that Speed Up Fat Loss?

I happened to come across an article about a lady who successfully lost weight (about 4 stone) in a course of one year.....The article was interesting alright but the key point which sparked my interest in that, was that she mentioned that having low fat cottage cheese or low fat yogurt just before going to sleep really helped in boosting the metabolism and hence weight loss......

Coupled with this is another article I read in the internet which stated that consuming about 3 six ounce servings of low fat yogurt daily would reduce stomach fat by about 60-80%. Now I would take that statement with a pinch of salt, but on reading both articles I seem to feel there might be at least some level of truth in both."

The quick and matter of fact answer is...There is no ONE magic, metabolism, fat burning food. In the process of fat loss, foods do not actually burn fat.

Fat loss occurs when you burn slightly more calories than what you take in. You can achieve this ideal energy balance by boosting your metabolism though a combination of resistance training, intervals and supportive nutrition.

For the example you posted - There could be hundreds of reasons why this woman lost weight.

Let's break it down to be practical:

The articles states she lost about 4 Stones or 56 pounds in 12 months.

To lose "weight" you simply need to take in slight less than you burn.
For her to lose 56 pounds in a year, she simply cut her calories back by about 500 a day.
In one week, she lost about a pound, so if there are 52 weeks in a year it is realistic for her to lose 56 pounds. This is one way to explain it.

Now eating the yogurt before going to sleep may be only ONE way she cut back. This strategy may have helped her to not eat a 500 calorie serving of ice cream.

Plus protein based foods do have a higher thermic effect - meaning the processing of protein requires more energy thus burns more calories. This in turn would help keep her metabolism elevated and increase her feelings of feeling satisfied as she cut out a higher calorie, after dinner snack.

Plus, is she exercising?
If there is ANY tip you can embrace that works like magic to boost your metabolism and burn more is to Get More Muscle.

Remember, muscle is your metabolism.

Any food that claims to boost your metabolism but there is no resistance plan in place - is short lived.

If she had a concern for her muscle and was performing resistance training, eating cottage cheese or a low fat, natural yogurt as the last meal of the day will actually help to keep the body fueled during sleep by providing a steady stream of healthy amino acids. These nutrients will be repairing muscles rather than the muscles be at risk of break down as we fast during sleep. This habit in turn keeps your metabolism slightly elevated while you sleep...if you have a concern for resistance training.

Lose weight with dairy?

"Only if you’re overweight, if you’ve been eating too little calcium, and if your weight-loss diet isn’t too high in protein or too low in calories." says Michael Zemel, the author of the dairy-burns-fat studies. Two other studies have found no impact of dairy on weight.

An FTC petition filed by PCRM, will end misleading claims made in the “Milk Your Diet. Lose Weight” and “3-A-Day. Burn More Fat, Lose Weight” promotions. In the FTC petition, PCRM charged that the dairy industry has used false and misleading advertising in its multi million-dollar, celebrity-filled marketing campaign suggesting that consuming milk and other dairy products causes weight loss.

USDA and Dairy Industry Halt Misleading Weight-Loss Ads After Physicians Group Complains to Federal Trade Commission

Sure, yogurt (void of high fructose corn syrup) and cottage cheese it may have benefits - but in the big picture of Fat Loss it must work together with ALL the other fat loss habits.

Bottom Line: There are no quick, fix fat zapping foods. In the process of fat loss, you must be able to make changes to your overall eating habits and incorporate an effective workout plan.

If you want the complete step by step formula for a metabolism boosting nutrition plan and short burst workouts that fit into your busy lifestyle, you must check out Fit Yummy Mummy .

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