Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions Check In

4 Weeks In to the New Year
Are you turning those resolutions into results?

I am all about accountability - so how are you doing so far?

Did you know about 96% of people drop their New Years Resolution by the end of January?

For many, this is a critical turning point.

You can choose to continue to go back to your old habits and continue to get the same results - hoping everyone else forgot about the promises you made to improve your body, your health and your life.
You can choose to muster up some courage and follow a path that may require you to take a leap of faith as you step out of your comfort zone to try something new, something truly life changing.

"Can I just say WOW!!! Something magical is happening to me and its happening to my family too!!!

My workouts this week were incredible. I felt strong, challenged and energized all at the same time as I moved through my supersets.

My energy is through the roof, and my nutrition is right on target.

I have never felt this wonderful inside and out, EVER, on any eating plan through my years of yo-yo dieting. What does the first 3 letters of diet spell? DIE, exactly!!! I was dying because I was not doing it right.

I'm not tired in the afternoons like I used to be, ready to drop around 3-4pm. I get through the day on an even keel, and when its time for bed, I am ready to sleep. Sleeping is better now than it had been in a very long time.

I have finally hit what I call my "sweet spot", it's when everything clicks!!! You wake up in the morning in a great mood, you feel like a million bucks, ready to take on whatever lies ahead."

~ Sheri Meierle
Just 7 weeks in to her Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation

Shouldn't your fitness plan make you want to shout your results to the world?

What are you waiting for?

Drop the excuses, drop the blame.

Choose to take control of your results and your life.
Fit Yummy Mummy is here to help you unleash your yummy-ness each step of the way.

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