Saturday, January 19, 2008

Get Your Body Back Just Like Trista

Trista Sutter's Slimming Secrets

"After just five months of dedicated dieting and exercise, Trista Sutter has met her weight-loss goal of shedding all 30 pregnancy pounds."

30 Pounds within 5 months! This is every new moms fantasy!

Right after her son Maxwell was born (by the way he was 4 weeks early and she had him by C-Section) - Trista's main concern was of course - Her Mommy Belly!

What bothers you the most?

"My belly. It has a layer of fat, which, of course, your body has to put on, but it’s blubbery and I hate it. I want to be able to go bathing suit shopping for a vacation and not feel totally disgusted… I just don’t feel good in a lot of my clothes."

I hear this exact concern on a daily basis. So how DO you get rid of the Mommy Belly and get your pre-baby body back?

Before I get to the bottom of Trista's Slimming Strategies - I would like to say ... sure she had a trainer to help coach her through her transformation, but this 35 year old also had to adopt a new mindset - unlike her younger years, where she would workout for a week and get toned - in the process of regaining her pre-baby body Trista came to embrace that this is a lifestyle rather than a goal...she wants to "stay healthy for Max, feel sexy for Ryan and be proud of myself."

Every mom deserve to declare and realize this type of lifestyle. There is no reason to settle - there is no need to say it will take at least 9 months (or longer)- you have every right to put on your favorite pair of jeans or even a bikini and feel good about yourself.

And it absolutely is possible when you apply the strategies that WORK. Now on to Trista's Slimming Strategies. There are 4 strategies that even the most successful Fit Yummy Mummy's are living by.

1. Do not be afraid of Calories
If you want to lose fat - you have to eat. You cannot starve fat off your body. Cutting your calories too low will only slow your metabolism. Trista follows a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet to keep her metabolism humming.

2. Cardio is NOT the Solution to Fat Loss
Trista does not put all of her hard work into Cardio. Follow her lead! Do not waste your precious time and energy on hours of cardio. Fat loss is more than how many calories you burn while you workout....and more about how many calories you burn all day long, the goal is to boost your metabolism to make this possible. Long hours of cardio will only slow your metabolism.

3. Rely on Resistance
The trick to fat loss lies in boosting your metabolism, the more lean muscle you have - the higher your metabolism will be. Trista's circuit style workouts focus on full body movements. Due to her C-Section she could not do traditional "ab exercises" - which many new moms are lead to believe is the answer to getting rid of the mommy belly. This is a myth. Moms - you will get Sure, Fast and Lasting results when the focus of your workout routine is on full body, resistance training exercises.

4. Establish a Support System
When you have the love, encouragement and understanding of those close to you, who are there to support your highest good - Results are Inevitable.

Yes, Trista had to take responsibility to take care of her body while she was pregnant as well as make the choices and do the work involved to get her body back...we ALL have the same opportunities.....However, this entire process would have been difficult, and for some of us, near impossible without support. From her husband Ryan's willingness to care for their son while she took the time to focus on her health and fitness, to cooking dinner and all the way up to the fact that he recognizes Trista's relationship with herself will affect everything around her. Ryan says... "I'm just happy to see her happy with herself..."

What could You accomplish if you had access to this type of support?

If your support system is lacking, if you are afraid to eat for fear of gaining weight and you feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting a fitness program using exercises you no nothing about Take a breath and realize the solution is before you. You don't need to get a new family or go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and workout for an hour. This is where we get down to the reality of a true Busy Mom's lifestyle and what she needs to be successful.

The Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System addresses the fact that we are short on time with detailed, step-by-step workouts that only require 90 minutes a week with the addition of a membership site that filled with a network of women who provide support, encouragement and motivation unlike any other. Sign Up today and in a matter of week you can get your body back!

"The best part about Fit Yummy Mummy is how simple it is to implement. It takes a little planning and only 15 minutes per day exercising. It was a big change in how I eat and that was for the better. So easy to implement! I can work it into my busy schedule. So far, I have lost 8 lbs and 8 1/2 inches while my friend has struggled with WW for years. Thank you Holly for creating this program. You have made a huge impact on my life and the life of my family!” ~ Deirdre Thompson, Michigan

For me the two things that really sets Fit Yummy Mummy apart from other plans out there is that it is an all inclusive lifestyle plan. It's not a nutrition plan, it's not a fitness plan, it's both. But more then that is the support group. I've been on several forums and they always seem to have people that make you not want to be there. But this group being all women seems safer and friendlier then the other fitness communities. Holly's support to each individual who asks for it is also a priceless part of everyone’s success. I have recommended this program to friends and will continue to do so because it works.” ~ Lisa, Calgary, Canada

Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System

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