Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Busy Mom Diet

The Busy Mom Diet: Is this You?

This is the true story of One Busy Mom and her quest to gain control over her "diet" and her body. She was initially unable to see a solution, to see where she had lost control - after sharing her story the light bulb flipped on.

Up at 5 AM - no sleeping in with kids (someone always needs something!)

Coffee - I need at least 2-3 cups to get my day going and NEED the cream and sugar so it tastes good.

Breakfast #1: a cereal bar - it's quick and I don't have to think about it.

Breakfast #2: Kid's Leftovers

1. A couple spoonfuls of yogurt (but only if there is less than 1/2 in the container, otherwise I wrap it up and save it for tomorrow's breakfast)
2. Toaster Sticks - every morning my son only takes 2 bites and I feel bad having to throw them away.
(I only had a cereal bar for breakfast, I do need more to eat....)

Sometimes I try to get him to eat something else, something a little more healthy because I know I'll end up eating it - but he just does not cooperate.

At Home: Frozen meal - usually a burrito and I just add sour cream - yeah, the real stuff - and whatver the kids don't finish for their lunch.

On the Go:
McDonald's - but it's only one Snack Wrap. They are little and do not produce as much guilt if I were to eat a hamburger. But I do finish my son's French Fries and nuggets because I only had a snack wrap - plus it would be a waste to throw them away.

Afternoon Snack:
After kids go down for a nap and while I am busy doing housework, I snack on Pretzels and lately Halloween candy. I do hide the candy in my son’s room so when he goes down for a nap I will not be as tempted to go in his room to get it for risk waking him up. That works....sometimes.

Wow! I feel like a closet eater saying that!

Pre-Dinner ritual:
Once kids wake up from nap, I look through the cupboards to find something for dinner. But, as always - there is NOTHING. I sometimes wonder what I expect to find.

I am too tired to think about it, too tired to figure it out!

So I play with my kids until my husband gets home and see what he wants to do for dinner, he has to have a solution to my dinner delima (but he is on his way home depending on me to have dinner ready). Since we both end up with no idea what to do........

We go out to eat.

Perfect! I love getting out of the house – it is a reward for me – I am SO busy all day so this is something fun for me to do. Unfortunately, fun is not sensible. My husband seems to have this sensible skill all figured out. Not me! Whether it is Fazoli’s, Mc Donald’s or even Chick-fil-A – I am getting what sounds good!

Then I finish whatever my kids do not eat.

I am tired of feeling out of control, I am tired of having no energy, I am tired beating myself up for not making better choices, I am tired of not feeling good about me.

The Busy Mom's Diet is not uncommon, sure this personal account may be slightly better for some moms and slightly worse for others. There is a solution - and that is exactly what this busy mom set out to find.

The first step she had to take, however - was to write it all down. It is impossible to refine habits you do not know about. So take that first step and write down what you are eating - it takes less than 5 minutes!

Stay tuned as I offer tips and strategies to help this Busy Mom regain control and get her body back.


ailene said...

Hahaha, that sounds SO familiar! I always eat small portions at my meals, because I know I'll wind up eating my children's leftovers. The only way there won't be leftovers is if it's blueberry muffins.

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