Wednesday, August 6, 2008

21 Days to Unstoppable Fat Loss Contest

Skyrocket Your Motivation!

21 Days To Unstoppable Fat Loss Transformation Contest: Click =>HERE to Begin!

We are In this Together!
How comforting are those words to you?

It's a fact, the hardest part to losing weight and getting the results we dream of night after to simply Get Started!

My friend and colleague, Scott
Tousignant has spent the past two months putting together the most amazing Transformation Challenge I have come across....amazing in that it is designed to help you achieve stunning results in just 21 days!

In addition to a new body and mind in just 3 weeks, you have the chance to win prizes valued in excess of $2,400 - including a cool $200 Cash!

21 Days To Unstoppable Fat Loss Transformation Contest

The magic lies in the fact that Scott has put together a comprehensive 21 day coaching program where yes, you are guided step by step, every day for 3 weeks - and not just by Scott and his many fat loss programs - such as The Fit Chic 365 Days Of Fitness Success and Unstoppable Fat Loss but you also receive

So this is more than just getting another Fat Loss program and allowing it to collect dust...Scott has set up a 21 day plan to help you actually Put It To USE!

Here is just a small sample of what your 21 days of coaching will entail.
You too can have access to the expert guidance of 42 mentors to help motivate, encourage and inspire you to take action each and every day for 3 weeks.

Just imagine what you will be able to achieve!

Dax Moy Coaches you on Setting Your Fat Loss Goals with Passion

In the short audio clip of the Unstoppable Fat Loss interview with Dax Moy you will learn why Dax hates SMART goals and discourages you to use them.

Dax also reveals the problems that occur when you set ‘REALISTIC’ goals.

In the short audio clip from our Unstoppable Fat Loss interview, you will learn that you may not even be aware of the excuses that you are using that are limiting your potential…and what Roxayn had to do with one of her clients to help her become aware of the self limiting beliefs that she was imposing on herself.

In the short audio clip you Tom Venuto shares…

~ Why you must Choose Your attitude carefully

~ Are you an excuse maker or quitter?

~Are you looking for a reason to stop your fat loss program?

~ What’s your limiting belief?

Tom shares a great story that demonstrates the “Unstoppable Attitude”

What separates the people who have the Unstoppable Attitude from someone who doesn’t?

What are you waiting for???

Sign up to take part in this never before seen 21 Days To Unstoppable Fat Loss Transformation Contest

HURRY - this is ALL about Taking action....You need to sign up between August 6th at 11:59am EST and August 14th at 12:01am EST and you will receive these additional bonuses...

21 Days To Unstoppable Fat Loss Transformation Contest

I can't wait to see your results!

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Fatloss4idiots Diet said...

the first 21 days are always the hardest .. but once you get the hang of it .. and change the lifestyle accordingly .. now that's something powerful and .. sexy :)