Friday, August 1, 2008

Challenge Provides new level of Motivation

I enjoyed myself? Wow...didn't think that would happen!

Well this is my first official week of the Summer Transformation Challenge.

"I started on July 28th and I can say that I feel great!

I have been doing the introductory workouts and intervals on the just gives me so much more energy.

Last night my kids were home when I exercised and they were just obsessed with watching me and wanting to get on the treadmill...which they did after I was done.

They were like, "wow, look at mom run".
I wasn't running, didn't want to kill myself the first week, but I was jogging at a nice pace.

I just felt amazing afterwards and it is a way to relieve my stress.

Here is to the first week on the Summer Transformation Challenge and to the rest of my life!"

~ Brittney, Age 27, Mom of two -- ages 3 and 6, Proud member of

Here's to FYM's Everywhere!

"I don't know how many American Idol fans are out there, but I remember watching an episode where Simon Cowell was commenting about how he couldn't fathom that someone was genuinely wanting their friend to do well in the competition (it was such an alien concept to him).

Well, I imagine Simon would be completely flabbergasted by this amazing community.

I mean here we are, a group of virtual strangers from around the world who are genuinely supportive of each other, who wish each other the best and hope and pray (yes, I pray for our entire community on a daily basis) that all of our goals are met and our deepest desires come true.

Although many of us are in the Transformation Challenge, I doubt there is going to be any sour grapes when the winners are announced.

I know I am cheering for us all and wish there was a way for us all to tie for first place.

Personally, I think we're all huge winners just for having the gumption to post those pictures and put ourselves out there for all to see and for taking the necessary steps to be the best that we can be.

I don't know how she's done it, but Holly has managed to attract a community of the most wonderfully caring, encouraging, supportive, positive, intelligent, and beautiful women around.

I am so proud to be a part of this community and I genuinely hope that each and every one of us unleashes her yummy-ness.

We all have much to be proud of, no matter what stage of our journey we are at. We are all gorgeous and deserve to have all of our dreams come true.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has touched my life through this community. I love you all and am proud to call you friend. I'm cheering for everyone in the Transformation Challenge as well as those who didn't enter. We are all worth it and we can make this happen, one step at a time, one day at a time."

~ Heather, Mom of two - - ages 2 and 5, Proud member of

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