Monday, August 4, 2008

FIt Yummy Mummy Get Together

Last week I attended the very 1st Fit Yummy Mummy get together in Elizabethtown, KY - yes I live here and yes I personally know a couple of the E'Town FYM's but I have not seen them in forever - Kelli, Bethany and Sheri are looking Awesome - so it was a nice reunion.

PLUS I had the pleasure of finally meeting Brooke, Marilyn and Sher's sister Michelle!

Sheri was gracious enough to hold this special event at her home - Thank you Sheri!

BTW: Sheri and Kelli are Fit Yummy Mummy Success Stories...Plus, Sheri was one of the Transformation Challenge finalists! To date each of these amazing women has lost well over 30 pounds each!

Everyone brought an appetizer or dessert - it was a "cheat night" so no restrictions on what was shared.

Brooke made the most delicious veggie pizza, Sheri had chocolate fondue for the Strawberries and along with a delicious mint-cucumber water, Marilyn and Kelli brought the fruity apps and desserts.

We shared so many wonderful experiences and stories....

From our families -

Dating stories from Brooke's daughter Regan
Bethany's belief in cloth diapers
Kelli's concerns about potty training
The fact that Marilyn does NOT look like she would have a 30 year old child!

To movies, recipe ideas and Beauty tips...All Thanks to Bethany - who has the coolest make up line "Beauty by Bethany" who is also donating beauty packages to the 2nd and third place winners of the Summer Transformation Challenge - Thank You Bethany!

I thought it would be nice to also give some gifts, so I held a drawing and Kelli won a Fit Yummy Mummy T-Shirt, Bethany won a Fit Yummy Mummy baseball cap all from the Fit Yummy Mummy store at Cafe Press!

PLUS....Everyone won a session to a special Fit Yummy Mummy Boot camp!

I had a blast and it was so great to share this time in person with the women I see online on a daily basis.

My big goals are to have the resources to hold larger FYM retreats so we all have an opportunity to get together as well.

I know our next event is a another shopping trip in Cincinnati in the Fall - from there I have to pull some strings to line up an even bigger event!

Thanks again ladies! You have helped to create some very special memories! You all do not know how much this means to me!

Join the fun.....Meet everyone at ClubFYM!

Be a part of our next Fit Yummy Mummy retreat coming this fall!

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