Monday, August 25, 2008

6 Week Flat Tummy Results

Flatter Tummy in the Making!

"Ok. Not feeling amazing. I thought that I would have a flat stomach, thin thighs, and a small tight booty by now.

Hmmm, the photos say I have not reached my goal yet...


~ I feel better.
~ I have more energy.
~ My clothes fit better and have gone down a size (from 14 to 12)
~ I am stronger.
~ I can do exercises now that I could not do 6 weeks ago.
~ I can jog faster and longer than I could 6 weeks ago.
~ I am on the road. I am moving toward the body, mind, and spirit that I WANT to have.
~ I am a better wife and mother.
~ I have a better attitude.
~ I am hopeful.

Phew, I needed that!

I can get down with the numbers. This transformation for me, is about my attitudes and thoughts more than anything - because that is what needs to be changed in order for anything else in my life, including my body, to change and be the best it can be.

It's been a JOY to stop just wishing, hoping, and praying that I would lose weight and get in shape and to start DOING!

I feel energized, powerful, and more confident than I have in the past few years. I am not just getting my body back; I am getting my life back.

Holly, thank you. Not just from me but from my husband and my little boy. We're having a lot more fun and love now. Yay!!!

I can't see a big difference in the photos but here you go!"

After Yvette posted her photos on her ClubFYM Blog, she was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of support she received in comments left by her fellow Fit Yummy Mummy's!

Here are just a couple examples....

"Are you KIDDING?!? Oh MY GOD, Yvette! After only six weeks - your pictures are worth a MILLION words! Amazing, simply amazing! Way to GO!!!! Keep it up, girlie! You are living proof (and serious inspiration) to everyone, 1/2 naked pictures and all, that this program works - no bs, no smoke & mirrors, no magic pill - just a determination and commitment to a new lifestyle - new body, new attitude, new perspective on life!!! Rock on!" ~ Jennifer


"Yvette, are you looking at the same pictures we are?
I can TOTALLY see AMAZING changes!!
You definitely look leaner and more toned.
Your positive attitude is contagious :-)
I love everything you wrote!" ~ Cory

Yvette's Response:

"You yummy mummies ROCK!

You are so super encouraging. I cried! Really, how amazing are you????

I decided to look at the photos like they were someone else and what I would think or say - and I DID see changes and am excited to keep moving forward. I'm applying what Holly talked about the last coaching call and we'll see how much more gets worked away over the next six weeks!

I love you guys!"

~ Yvette, Old Snowmass CO, Mom to Two year old son

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WOW! You look amazing. You can't look at your pictures and see how much difference there is? You are doing great, keep it up and thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us all.