Friday, May 30, 2008

Back Into My Skinny Jeans!

A leap of faith

I joined the challenge with mixed feelings. This was very different from what I had done before: the short workouts, the testimonials, opening myself to hundreds of women I had never met… But I had been quite impressed by Holly’s e-book, and I really wanted to get the nutrition planner.

So I let go of my cynicism and I decided to give it a try. My youngest daughter was 5 months old at that point, and I was getting an average of 4h of sleep. I was exhausted, depressed the way my body looked, and most of all I was in pain from carrying a baby all day long and I had no energy whatsoever.

The first few weeks on the program were amazing: I built muscle faster than I thought was possible, my eating improved (and I thought I was eating healthy before! Ah!) and my body was starting to change. The program was so simple to follow that I never skipped a workout, unless I was really sick).

Lack of time? I gained so much inspiration from the other women at ClubFYM, some of whom have many more children than myself, and sometimes battle difficult health or family issues as well. If they can do it, so can I.

And incredibly I did!

Through a nation-wide child care strike, deadlines at work, my husband starting his own company. Lack of space as always been a favourite excuse of mine (we live in a very small apartment). I found out I could efficiently work out in my kitchen and check my reflection in the oven door !!

But, then 6 weeks into the challenge came the first crisis: I had to do a lot of inward work and face my demons. And this is what the challenge gave me, more than the (many!!) inches I lost: it gave me 12 weeks to put me first and learn so much about what had been holding me back. My insatiable need for approval. My need to please people.

I came out of this inner crisis much stronger than I have ever felt. I was proud of myself for taking the risk to join the ClubFYM community, for sticking out to the program, for not giving in to the many excuses I could have found not to work out.

The Fit Yummy Mummy brought me peace:

The exercise programs I had tried before were too time-consuming to be a life-long solution.

Thanks to Holly, I have learned a way to take care of myself for the long term.

I have learned to work towards my fitness goals WITH my body instead of AGAINST it.

I have gained my body back, but who knows what I can achieve?

It’s all a bonus from here!"

~ Marianne

Lost over 2 inches in her waist and 2 inches in her Hips in just 12 weeks!

"I'm Back into my Skinny Jeans!"

Fit Yummy Mummy

Get YOUR Body Back


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