Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Football Fun with Tyler

Keeping Fit with Tyler

Tyler's passion for sports is beginning to shine. My energetic, left-handed son discovered a new talent this holiday weekend. While his first love is baseball, it is clear that he is truly enjoying a new sport - football!

It appears he has a pre-throw routine that involves adjusting his pants and wiping his nose. Hey it works, this kid has an arm on him!

Oh and Tyler shares that the 2 BEST football teams are the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Trinity Shamrocks....which just happens to be Patrick's (his step dad - Ohio native) and his Father, Jeff's (Trinity Alum) favorite teams.

1 comment:

Bertie said...

That is too funny about the wiping his nose and pulling up his pants before throwing! LOL!

And yes- he has quite the arm on him! WOW!