Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan

How to Eat for Maximum Fat Loss

When it comes to getting the best fat loss results, having a supportive nutrition plan in place is a must!

So one of the most common question I am asked...."What do YOU eat? I need some ideas."

Sample Fat Burning Menu Plan
(Note: This is an example what I eat now, with the exception that I have a higher calorie intake- slightly increased portion sizes- for maintenance. If I found myself in a position to drop body fat, I would follow this menu plan. Your individual needs may vary according to body stats, goals and fitness level.)

Breakfast: 8 oz. glass of water. 1/4 cup rolled oats cooked with 2 whipped egg whites. Top with 1/2 cup blueberries and 1 TB of low fat organic yogurt. 2 cups fresh brewed Green Tea. Prograde VGF+25 and EFA Icon.


Post Workout Drink: 1 scoop Prograde Workout with 12 oz. water.

Snack: 1/4 cup raw almonds and 1 whole granny smith apple. Water.

Lunch: 2-3 cups fresh spinach, 2-3 oz. Grilled Chicken, 1/2 cup sliced strawberries, 1 TB Blue Cheese crumbles, 1 TB chopped walnuts, 2 TB homemade balsamic vinaigrette. 1 cup fresh brewed Green Tea.

Snack: 2 TB Hummus with colorful veggie medley: 1/2 cup baby carrots, 1/2 cup sugar snap peas and 1/2 sliced red bell pepper, 1 Rye Crisp cracker. Water.

Dinner: 3 oz. Grilled Salmon, 1/4 cup wild rice, 1 cup asparagus, 1 tsp olive oil. Water.

Snacks: 1/2 cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese, 1/4 cup berries

Meal Planning Tips:

~ Eat often - aim to eat every 3 to 4 hours - this keeps your metabolism elevated so you burn more calories plus keeps you satisfied which means no more cravings for those unsupportive treats that hinder fat loss.

~ Eat Smaller Portions - Meals range between 250-350 calories - spread calories evenly throughout the day for a sustained energy level.

~ Eat a Protein and Produce with every meal. Meals are a balance between protein and fresh produce - fruits and veggies - with an occasional complex carbohydrate. This not only adds to you feeling satisfied and ensures you are getting all the nutrients you need to create a thriving metabolism, but eating quality proteins and high fiber produce often causes your body to burn more calories through digestion - also known as the Thermic Effect of food. All of which lends to a higher metabolism.

~ Eliminate the JUNK - Notice that each meal is made up of whole, natural foods. Make it a point to avoid the Fake Processed foods that are high in empty calories, that disrupt your body's normal appetite mechanisms and teach your body to become very efficient at storing fat.

~ Plan your Cheats - With the elimination of Junk being said, because the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System is based around realistic changes to the way you think, eat and move, asking you to completely cut out the "once and a while" cheats would lead to frustration and ultimate abandonment. But knowing that you can have the occasional cheat and STILL achieve amazing results makes all the difference in the world! You can make this happen by mapping out your meals for the week and leaving room to enjoy your nonsupportive choices about 80-90% of the time...the equates into 3-5 cheat meals per week - and YES, still see and feel results!

Putting these supportive nutrition habits together will add up to an elevated metabolism - which means Faster Fat Loss Results for you!

Meal Planning Jump Start!

If you are tired of being caught up in the never-ending cycle of meal time chaos, tired of the lack of control, the lack of energy - CLICK HERE for I break it down for you in easy to follow, fail-proof steps.

"I went through a big change in how I eat and that was for the better. The nutrition plan is so easy to implement! I can work it into my busy schedule. So far, I have lost 8 lbs and 8 1/2 inches while my friend has struggled with WW for years. Thank you Holly for creating this program. You have made a huge impact on my life and the life of my family!” ~ Deirdre Thompson, Michigan, Proud member of ClubFYM

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Bertie said...

Great advice! I really need to start that thermic effect of food working for me!!:)

Anonymous said...

This is actually a question, not a comment. Is that a mistake when it says that the post workout should be one scoop of Prograde, not two scoops? The Prograde workout says a serving size is two scoops and that's what the directions say. So that is what I've been doing. Am I wrong and should I be only using 1 scoop?
Please advise.

Holly Rigsby said...

No mistake.
I choose to use one scoop of prograde during this particular meal plan for I factored in an additional whole food snack shortly after my post workout drink.

The label does say to use 2 scoops. Of course there is flexibility to use what you like based on your likes and meal plan schedule.

Anonymous said...

Would you ever consider writing an e-book with various meal ideas and receipes?