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Is Steady State Cardio better than Intervals...According to Who?

The Great Cardio Debate

I'd love to share segments of an article that was posted in ClubFYM.

When it comes to cardio and fat loss, there are many questions surrounding what method yields the BEST results.

Due to the fact that I work exclusively with Busy Moms - and busy women for that matter - the most effective and efficient solution is Intervals.

For a quick review about Intervals Click HERE

This has in turn raised many questions - but with every question asked and each concern addressed comes to light new knowledge that will help YOU make the best decision for a method that fits YOUR Lifestyle and your fitness goals.

Benefits of Intervals over Steady State Cardio

1) Saves time. Most intervals last about 20 minutes in comparison to 1 to 2 hours on the treadmill with traditional steady state cardio - this occurs as many women pay attention to the immediate feedback of calories burned during the cardio session. However, true fat loss results are achieved based on calories burned in a 24 hour period - not during one workout session.

2) Stimulates a greater release of growth hormone. Studies have shown that intense and challenge interval training produces growth hormone which helps to increase lean muscle mass. Muscle is your metabolism. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn 24-7.

3) Better for your joints. Intervals should be done on alternate days not back to back about 3-4 days out of the week. There is less exposure and stress on the joints because it takes less time to complete.

4) Metabolic disturbance. Interval training increases your metabolism and post-exercise oxygen consumption which has been shown to burn fat for 24 hours after the interval bout.

5) Eliminates Boredom. Interval training can be done with body weight exercises, machines, medicine balls, bands,free weights, and of course anything outdoors. - such as hills!

Need more?

A study in December in the Journal of Applied Physiology and conducted by a team at Canada's University of Guelph found that just two weeks of alternate-day interval training increased moderately active 22-year old women's fat burning ability by 36%.

Alwyn Cosgrove has also sited Many Studies...

* A 1998 study that showed that the addition of 45 minutes of hard aerobic training, 5 times a week for twelve weeks - had no effect on fat loss

* A study from 1994 showed an interval training method that actually reduced body fat (skinfold measurements) nine times more than traditional cardio training -- despite taking less time, and actually burning less calories per session

* Another study (1999) showed that the addition of a specific resistance training program increased fat loss by 35% over diet plus aerobic training.

* That same study also showed that 3 aerobic sessions of up to 50 mins, for 12 weeks (36 sessions) only increased fat loss by one pound over dieting alone

* A 2002 study used an Afterburn-type approach to training - and showed an elevation of metabolism for 38 hours post workout.

Another Nail in the "Aerobics for Fat Loss" Coffin

Tuesday, March 06, 2007: Aerobics vs Anaerobics and Fat Loss

Trapp EG and Boutcher SH
Fat loss following 15 weeks of high intensity, intermittent cycle training

Two groups:

Group One: performed 40 mins of steady state aerobics at 60% VO2 max, three times per week for 15 weeks.

Group Two:
performed 20 mins (i.e. half the duration) of interval training (8s on, 12s off - 60 rounds), three times per week for 15 weeks. Group two started at 5 mins total the first week.

Both groups had dietary intake monitored closely.

The steady state group GAINED 0.5kg of fat in 15 weeks.
The interval training group LOST on average 2.5kg of fat in the same time frame.


This article isn't to suggest that there are no other possible solutions. Rather it is to provide moms with the most efficient and effective solution based on a combination of actual practical application and clinical research.

Fit Yummy Mummy
is written for a specific audience- busy moms and busy women- to best serve their lifestyles and goals.

Please note: Interval training isn’t for everyone. You should not begin interval training without first discussing the pros and cons with your physician. If you are new to intervals, begin slowly and increase the pace,challenge and intensity only as your fitness level warrants.

"Holly....I totally agree that intervals and resistance training works wonders for busy moms and it changed my life around SO MUCH for the better I keep pestering everyone around me with it ; )!!!! I’d finally found a programme that made perfect sense and didn’t ask me to deny everything I’d believed in (ie exercise is healthy, starving yourself is NOT) and it actually worked even better than what I’d have ever thought it could!!!!!!! (just wanted to add as a side note and another victory dance to YOU that my boyfriend said I looked better now than when I was doing 8h of karate a week :p!!!! HOLLY YOU’RE A GENIUS!!)

I guess the only thing that bugged me was the fact that a lot of trainers play the “don’t do cardio or you’ll look like a marathoner” scare game, which I just don’t feel is fair. But then again, I’ve been brought to admire athletes so I’m not impartial ; )!

I have tremendous respect for you and your work and because I think you are such a truly genuinely great person I felt I could go for a bit of a moan earlier… But thanks for the clarification, I admire your strong belief and open mind, more people should be like you lol!!!!"

~ Alia - Proud member of ClubFYM

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