Friday, May 2, 2008

You Can't Keep a Fit Yummy Mummy Down

No More Excuses...With Fit Yummy Mummy, Results Are Inevitable

Insight from one Inspired Fit Yummy Mummy on ClubFYM on Sticking To It and Staying Committed!

"My mind is a flury of activity right now and no matter how hard I try I can't seem to focus, so I'm bringing this to the group - to the hundreds of women on this site who struggle with the same/similar issues, to the women who offer guidance, support and encouragement, and to the women who will no doubt welcome me back with open arms, no matter how long I have been gone. If it makes no sense I apologize in advance! It is, after all, well past my 10 p.m. bedtime!

I have bookshelves filled with diet books, a hotmail account overflowing with newsletters from every conceivable fitness guru, and a wealth of information swirling around in my brain. But I'm back.....and I'm back for good.

This program rocks my world.....because it's so much more than just a program.

It's a community - a family of sorts.

I don't know of any author/coach/trainer who I could email in the middle of the night with a question about cardio have given so much of yourself. And that's why I'm back!

I fell off the Fit Yummy Mummy wagon a few weeks ago and just couldn't seem to get back on.

I let myself believe one excuse after another -

I was sick
I was busy
I was sore
I was tried.....and every morning I woke up telling myself I would have ONE MORE 'bad' day before I REALLY started the program again.

Have you been there?

One more cheat day.
One more pig-out dayto eat whatever I wanted to slack off on the exercise and to neglect my health.

ONE DAY! That's it!

I would eat all the junk food in my house (to get rid of it), go out for my favourite treat, and then make plans for dinner at a restaurant because it would be MY LAST BIG SPLURGE.

One day became two......two days became three.......three days became four.......and EVERY DAY became my LAST DAY!

Every day became the ONE LAST DAY!

Well....enough already!

The madness stops now.

I have done some REAL soul-searching over the time I've been 'away,' and I've come to the realization that I am an addict (food, the computer, the name it), a perfectionist, an enabler, and a people-pleaser.

None of which are healthy.

I have terribly unhealthy habits that I've been slowly forming my entire life. Small things that I've let build up to the point where I don't even recognize the person I've become or the life that I've created! And it's time to change all that!

I've written in my other blogs about making small changes - and I had every intention to make those changes - but I would always tell myself I would start TOMORROW, leaving myself with that ONE LAST DAY to do whatever I wanted!

Well...let me tell you.....if you're going to start something you'd better start it NOW!

One of my news goals is to be in bed by 11 p.m. And it's 11 p.m. now!
So I'm going to bed. I have so much more I want to do tonight - I want to read your blogs, I want to see what I've missed, I want to clean my office, I want to start my vision board, I want to get ready for my girl's weekend, I want to read........but I NEED my sleep. I need to feel close to my husband (even if he snores), I need to close my eyes and let my body be nourished by 8 hours of sleep! starts now.........and the rest of the story will have to wait!

Thank you to those who have not given up on me ...... I'm happy to be back!

You can't keep a Fit Yummy Mummy down!"


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Anonymous said...

Whoa, Kathleen! Good stuff..sounds like you are on your way! I wish you the best of luck...I too, as you know, live with a constant weight struggle, but it's great to have support! Just remember that no matter what you weigh on the scale, what you weigh in your heart is SO much more important!
Cath xoxo