Monday, May 5, 2008

Flat Tummy Results

"I’ve always had a flat tummy....

Big thighs, cyclist calves (lovely on a girl…and you can’t even fit in boots!) and broad hips, yes, even when I was nice and muscle-ly. Even as a kid, wearing a skirt would end up in atrocious pain and red burning inner thighs (good thing I was a tomboy). BUT, a nice flat hard tummy (yessss!).

It’s always been my favourite (and musclier) body part and I’ve always been in love with crunches and sit-ups (used to do 200 a day in high school…just for fun), which I guess squared the circle.

Of course, nice little fairy tale couldn’t go on forever, so when I REALLY put on fat (not weight, as this stayed more or less constant), my tummy was not flat anymore! I had love handles (ok, tiny, but I could feel them!)! There was FAT on my lower back! I didn’t even know you could have fat there!!! I just hated my body…

Since I’ve started Fit Yummy Mummy it’s not all been rosy and I’ve had my ups and down and my share of staying in the station (did not really fall off the wagon….just forgot to hop back on the train) but I was seeing great results: farewell double bum and cellulite, hello toned thighs, arms and back woohooo!!!

But the fat I thought I’d lose immediately since I’d never had it before (on my stomach) still stayed, darn it!

Ah-ha, that’s what it thought! That it’d found a nice warm home on my tummy and would stay there all cosy for ever. Well I don’t think so. And today is a small step towards VICTORY!!!!!!!!!

My tummy is FLAT!!!!

There is no icky ugly bump when I look down!! I can go on and wear short tops and bikinis again YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! Ok, it's still a work in progress and I'm not stopping the fight until it's HARD and really truly completely FLAT, but I'm still so incredibly pleased with the results!!!!

The motivation I’m getting from this "discovery" is unbelievable, I’m just so determined to continue on the right tracks and keep working on turning these healthy day-to-day decisions into lifetime habits!! Thank you to all of you FYMs for being an inspiration to continue and start over when it was getting hard and I didn’t feel I could conciliate the irreconcilable!

Thanks for the support and ideas and tips, I am SO HAPPY I stuck to my guns and… this is it…. my breakthrough : )

(please ignore the grafittis on my mirror by the way, that's just my boyfriend's vision of "decorating my room".........)


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Bertie said...

You look great!! The hard work has totally paid off:) i'm like you and I have a longer torso, so I've always had a pretty flat stomach- and then out of no where- it was starting to not be so flat- so I'm determined to get it back to where it was! Thanks for the inspiration:)