Thursday, May 8, 2008

Too Much on Your Plate? Are you a Super Mom?

Your “I Do TOO Much” Solution
24 hours in a day. 48 hours of To Do’s

Are you a Super Mom?

Can we really do it all, have it all and maintain our emotional and physical health?

I know I sure try!

Each morning I jump out of bed, get a quick shower, quickly put on my face, quickly check ClubFYM and get in some writing, quickly get Tyler up, kissed, fed and dressed, quickly grab my cape and I am Out The Door to Take On the Day!

I may actually fill a whole page if I attempted to share the hundreds of tasks on my “To Do” list but for the sake of everyone’s sanity let’s just say….you understand….for you TOO have your own lists.

Lists that are written out or mulled over in your mind no matter how much you take on and check off, by the end of the day….there is still MORE To Do!

Our role as Super Mom is simply never ending!

If only we had more time in the day to get it all in!

Is having MORE time the solution?

We see resources that give us hope that we CAN make more time – time management for Busy Moms is a hot commodity – but just how effective are these resources? If we already feel the pressure to manage the kids, our careers, our household, our relationships…where on our list of “To Do’s” is there room to add “Manage your Time, Mom”.

Here’s a new concept I came across. Being a Mom and trying to Do It All is not about Time Management – we cannot MAKE more time…no matter how hard we try…there Always will only be 24 hours in a day.

Rather let’s take a new perspective. An awesome solution I have found that works extremely well is the concept of Energy Management.

Your “I Do TOO Much” Solution

~ First, address your mindset. Now along with the fact that I know no matter how long my list is I will have some carry over – and this is okay. The expectation to fit it all in has been abandoned.

~ Next, prioritize. I have taken the time to prioritize my list. I ask what absolutely MUST be done today….(sure we tend to say ALL of it – but we have to be realistic)…trick is – I limit it to 3 items. If it is life or death that more than 3 things MUST be accomplished…time to re-evaluate and set new priorities.

TIP: This takes some planning. I have found that right before I go to bed, it is super helpful to jot it all down. Then you sleep with a more restful mind for you have dumped it all out and no longer have too worry about remembering.

~ Identify your Energy Flux. Then comes the fact that I am aware of when I am MOST productive during my day/night. I have discovered that I have 2 blocks of time where I can jam it all out. First thing in the morning and after Tyler’s bedtime. I consider an energy flux when I either have mental energy, physical energy or both – if I am having a superb day – which I have found is totally connected to my attitude and a week before my “pre-menstrual” week. Yes…I am THAT in tune with my body. And what a tremendous experience this is to have – to be aware, in control and understanding – instead of being thrown for a loop.

~ Coordinate and Schedule. Finally, I take my top 3 tasks and schedule them to my most productive times of the day. When I check these tasks off my list, then I move on to what is next based on allotted periods of time.

NOTE: Oh yes, giving yourself a set period of time to get things done works magic. You magically use your time more wisely after you realize how much time tends to be “wasted”. You know it works for our children…it absolutely works for us as well. So grab a kitchen timer and begin keeping track of how long it takes to complete your tasks. Just as a food log brings eating habits to our attention – so does a time log.

Above I mentioned how I TRY to be a Super Mom….while the word TRY can be used as an excuse when we TRY to eat right or TRY to exercise….for you either you DO or you Do Not – courtesy of the awesome wisdom of Yoda.

Well in the scenario of Super Mom TRY is absolutely acceptable.

This is not about taking on the most important role in your life and being expected to play it our perfectly, smiling the whole way without a hair out of place……this is about giving it your best.

To give it your best means you must FIRST begin by Giving to YOU. So this Mother’s Day be sure to give yourself the gift of giving back.

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