Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6-Pack Abs....After 6 Kids!

Yes! 6 children - Ages 5-25

"When I found Fit Yummy Mummy I was walking a lot and only eating 3 meals a day. I did not eat junk food, no soda or chips, so I thought I was eating healthy.

When I saw how healthy and fit Holly was with Fit Yummy Mummy, I was sold. Plus I could live with only 15 minutes a day of exercise and the food plan sounded great!

Three weeks into Fit Yummy Mummy and I wanted to see if I have lost any weight so I weighed my self on my scale. I lost 2 lbs!!!

This was a real breakthrough for me for my weight was constant no matter how careful I was.

I had also lost one inch In my waist! This really is exciting that I can work out about 15 minutes a day and was able to see a big difference in only two in a half weeks!!!

My initial goals were to lose about 10 lbs., to look better in a bathing suit and to teach my children to eat better.

I have done better than I thought possible.

In just 12 weeks I have lost 10 pounds and my waist went from 29 inches to 26 inches!

I Lost 3 Inches!

I used to have stomach problems and that has stopped. I have given up coffee, and learned so much about eating healthy foods. Now I eat five small meals a day and exercise only 15 minutes a day. It is amazing how much better I feel!

Fit Yummy Mummy has changed my life.

I have given birth to six children and am raising my stepson too. I home school my children so I am always busy . The meal plan is simple to follow and soon becomes a habit. I feel great about my Fit Yummy Mummy results!"

Allison Bolton ~ Mom of 6 and a step son, Granbury Texas

Make this the LAST fitness plan you ever start!

Mom's, you can change your body
and change your Life!
You Deserve
Fit Yummy Mummy

What a way to celebrate
for Mother's Day

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thebeadgirl said...

yey...way to go! i just signed on and i'm excited...thanks for the inspiration! i'm 38 and i have 4 kiddos that i too homeschool. but i know i can do this!! keep it up :)

Stayfit for life said...

That is awesome with this mummy of six kids. Good on you lady and keep up the great work. I have four kids of my own, two at school and two at home, and I have no excuse, I go walking with my little kids for an hour a day and I do my bodyweight training, every second day. Keep up the good work ladies. God bless.

Stayfit for life

Anonymous said...

That is an inspiration for me too because I have six kids. I am going to university, two more years to go. For the past year and a half I have gained 15 pounds and it seems to me that they'll never go away. Thanks for giving me new hope an keep it up!