Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Creating New Habits

Habits are incredibly powerful tools for success.

Think about the habits you have now and how they affect virtually every aspect of your life. Your weight and health are determined by your eating habits. Your relationships with people are determined by your social habits. You have sleeping habits that dictate how well you sleep. Your thinking habits affect your self esteem. Your character, health and virtually every aspect of your life is determined by your habits.

No wonder it can feel mentally exhausting as you begin the process of change!

A common Concern From Janene
"It takes a lot of energy to make healthy choices, and to change those habits that have been detrimental to your health. I found myself on the computer (at FYM) at three different times today, when the frustration or boredom set in and I wanted to eat just because. . .

Mind over matter. Mind will win! I am exhausted. Sometimes I feel like I'm battling with my mind all day long regarding food choices--will it ever end?"

Good news - YES!

But first, let's define Habit.

Habit: An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

The important words in this definition are acquired and almost involuntary.

Let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you sat down and said to yourself, "Today I am going to add a new habit to my life?"

Many of you have probably never said these words.

As you read this article, you will see how easy it is to add positive habits to your life and the great power they have to change it.

Think about the words almost involuntary. This means the habit is so powerful in your mind that it is almost unstoppable! With respect to bad habits like smoking, procrastination, and overeating, this is very bad. But with positive habits, this is very, very good.

What is a positive habit?

A positive habit is simply a habit that produces positive benefits, actions and attitudes you want to acquire and make a part of your life.

Why is there such great power in positive habits to effect change? Because habits, by their very nature, are automatic. After a period of time they can become permanent.

So how do we go about adding new positive habits to our life?

It’s really quite easy. You simply begin repeating an action, attitude or thought process every day for at least 21 days.

Yes - the 21 days to form a new habit is True!
Research has shown that an action that is repeated for a minimum of 21 days is likely to become a permanent habit. Remember that positive habits have positive benefits and you will reap those benefits for as long as you maintain that habit.

To help drive the point home, think about this...

You are what you repeatedly do.

You are where you are and what you are because of yourself. Everything you are today – or ever will be in the future – is up to you.

Your life today is the sum of your choices, decisions and actions up to this point.

You can create your own future by changing your behaviors.

You can make new choices and decisions that are more consistent with the person you want to be and the things you want to accomplish in your life.

So let's get to it!
Pick a habit, set a goal and do it Every Day for 21 days!

This is so true:
Bad Habits are easy to form but hard to live with.
Positive Habits are hard to form but easy to live with.

A Response to this post From ClubFYM

"We can always count on you Holly to enlighten us! This post is great and hits the nail on the head. FYM is my new positive habit --by soaking in all of your great advice and support I am overcoming this weight problem for sure. I am so positive that a lot of these women are thinking the same right now! Thank you! I read a quote today on AOL that was something like this.. man's(in our case women's) main job in life is to give birth to him(her)self. That is what we are doing here--we are all truly discovering what we can be!" ~ Sue Cook

You are invited to Join ClubFYM to get ideas and share the positive habits have turned your life around.


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