Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Legs, My Butt, My Hips, My Thighs...Oh My!

In need of a Lower Body Makeover?

I have just the person I want you to meet!

Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Specialist, Joey Atlas, from shares some insight on what it takes to reshape your lower body problem areas.

Shorts, Swimsuit, Summer Dress - Is Your Lower Body Ready?

Which One of These 3 Are You?

1 - A mother whose body lost the 'sexy' during pregnancy?
2 - A relatively young women who is frustrated with her body?
3 - A lifetime exerciser who is yet to find 'the program that really works'?
--- Or are you some variation of the above 3?

Which One of These 3 Are You?

1 - Large, fat & flabby legs, butt, hips and thighs?
2 - Flat, saggy butt and scrawny, shapeless legs and thighs?
3 - Mushy, jiggly, cellulite covered lower body?
--- Or are you some mix of the above 3?

Or are you some combination of a few of the six outlined above?

Still reading? - I must assume you are in at least one of the groups listed above - but maybe you would describe your most stubborn problem areas, in your own words, a little differently.

If so - that's alright.

Whatever your worst trouble spots are, one thing is for sure; They can be improved.

And once you step away from all the hyped up methods and suspicious 'miracle products' that are constantly being thrown at you in all forms of media, you'll be glad and relieved to know that all of the problems above can be improved while following the same, time tested, principles of simple exercise and basic nutrition - with some slight modifications that cater to the different challenges that you are faced with as compared to another women who may have different improvements to make.

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In this exclusive interview, together we reveal some extremely helpful insights and tactics that will be sure to benefit you - no matter what your problem areas are, no matter what your body enhancement goals are, no matter what your past history has been.

~ Joey Atlas, M.S. Exercise Physiology

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