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Are you ready for May? Bikinis, Moms and Makeovers

4 Week Memorial Day Fat Loss Plan

Planning on slipping into your favorite pair of summer shorts? Maybe you have plans to spend your holiday weekend in or near the water. Most likely everyone will be faced with the choice of wearing something a bit more revealing over the Memorial Day Weekend.

How's your bikini ready plan coming along?

If you are still in need of a quick fix plan that will get you on the fast track to results...listen up! You only have 4 weeks left!

Time to get focused and follow along!

Memorial Day Bikini Makeover Plan

I'll make this simple and to the point.

Step 1: Eliminate the Junk

You hear it over and over again but let's get honest are asking for Fast Results. Well if you want to see fast results - it will take you less time to decide to NOT eat the extra 300-500 calories in cookies, chips, candy or everyday fast food items.

You could try a "quick fix" to get RID of those extra 500 calories....

40 minutes on a bike - not a casual, magazine reading, TV watching ride, 60 minutes on a treadmill - walk/run combo, Or if you are really ambitious you could run up and down some stairs for an hour and burn about 800 calories.

Sound like a bit too much - no time, no energy?

Get this: If you eliminate 500 calories of Junk a one week you will lose 1 pound of FAT. All from CHOOSING to NOT eat it - which takes....Zero Seconds of your time.

Step 2: Don't Skip Meals

Getting your body bikini ready is NOT about starving yourself. Rather, the key to fast, slimming results is to boost your metabolism. You accomplish this by having a few habits in place.

One important habit is to Eat! Eating every 3 to 4 hours gives your body the Fuel it needs to Burn More Calories.

I know you are thinking..."But Eating is what got me into trouble in the 1st place!"

Well eating too much, at the wrong times with the wrong foods can be one of many reasons why you are displeased with the look and feel of your body.

Choosing to skip meals only teaches your body to SLOW your metabolism down. You end up burning Less Calories - so when you DO eat, your body's slow moving metabolism ends up storing the majority of those calories as Fat.

How to Start - Begin with Breakfast.
Starting your day with a supportive meal...quality protein and hih fiber....Kick starts your Metabolism. So you begin your day, energized, satisfied and already burning more calories.

Keep this momentum going by eating every 3 to 4 hours.

Burn MORE calories with Step 3

Step 3: Eat Supportively

(Notice a trend yet?) Not only does what you eat, when you eat it have a huge impact on Losing Fat, choosing the RIGHT foods can actually Help you BOOST your Metabolism.

The more supportive the food => The more frequently you eat => The more calories you will burn.

Supportive foods? Foods put on this earth for us to eat....Veggies, Fruits, Quality Proteins, Whole Grains, Healthy Fats. (not fake, pre-packaged, un-recognize-able foods)

Example of a Supportive Day:

1. Egg White Omelet, Yogurt, Fresh Blueberries, Flax Seed
2. Handful of Walnuts and Dried Cranberries
3. Spinach Salad: Grilled Chicken, Bell Peppers, Feta Cheese, Balsamic Vinegar
4. Baby Carrots and Hummus
5. Grilled Salmon, Steamed Sugar Snap Peas and Basmati Rice

Burn EVEN More Calories with Step 4

Step 4: Workout Consistently

More than what it is you choose to do, is that you do it and do it in a progressively challenging fashion. Too often, we begin an exercise routine and start off too fast and too furious, hoping our "gung-ho" efforts will elicit faster results.

We end up wishing for evidence of results after a week or two...don't see them....give up.
We do too much and get burnt out....and give up.
We do too much and get hurt....and cannot continue.

Important Message: More is NOT Better.

Not exactly the cycle that renders results.

So what does?
Sure just about any sound, well rounded exercise program will do if you stick with it. Well Rounded meaning a plan that has....

~ mapped out, full body, progressively challenging Resistance Training routine.
See Benefits of Resistance Training HERE
~ moderate Cardio Routine

In need some cool, bikini ready results in the next 4 weeks?
Remember, results do not come by working harder for an extended period of time.

You have the option of implementing short burst resistance training and intervals.

Your workout time is cut by half - if not more - you stay challenged the entire workout, you are super energized, you feel good about your choices to stay on track get results much faster!

In 4 weeks.....

This 4 step, Memorial Day Bikini Makeover Plan
will help you to shed up to
8 pounds of fat

That is...If you are ready and willing to make the commitment.

Need a place to begin?

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I look forward to seeing your Memorial Day Bikini Makeover Results!

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