Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mom Achieves Bikini Model Abs in just 12 Weeks!

Mom of Three Amazing Abs Results

"I completed the 12 Week Transformation Challenge! Wow... it's hard to believe it's already here.

The past 12 weeks have been an amazing journey. I started this challenge with a “starved skinny” body. I was a scale watcher who averaged 1,200 calories per day. I was exercising but very discouraged—seeing no results. I figured this would be another lost cause for me—then along came Holly!

It seems like just yesterday I was trying to decide if joining an internet group was a good idea or not. ha! What is Holly is really some weird-o. ha!! What was I thinking? I'm so cautious and such a worrier. Come on, you know you've worried, too! But hey, was I ever wrong.... Holly is a blessing from God!

She has changed my life in a beautiful way. I am stronger, happier, healthier and more fit because of being a member of Club FYM.

I followed the FYM program with the highest level of dedication to see what could actually happen, and I began to feel stronger and happier—from the inside out!

I loved what was happening to me.

I loved sharing my thoughts with my FYM family and hearing what successes they were encountering, too. It was very empowering and uplifting. I was gaining a whole new outlook. I began to see new changes in my body, and was encouraged to work harder and re-evaluate my original goals.

I have learned so much over this 12 week time frame. I have a huge family of beautiful mummys who want the same thing I do...healthy, fit, beautiful, fulfilled lives! I cherish all my FYM friends (actually I consider you my family). The friendships I've made here and the inspiration I've gotten from your blogs, your tips and even your struggles are so special to me.

This is a safe place moms can come to get the support we need to succeed.

I am blessed daily by your words, your lives and your inspiration. This Transformation Challenge has made me accountable to myself and to my very dedicated friends who are in the same boat with me. I love you all and am thankful that I've had this most change in my life. And hey, even though the Transformation Challenge is over for me after this week, I'll still be going strong.

Just think, if I can accomplish these results in 12 weeks...just watch me in 12 more!

The 12 Week Difference
1.5 inches in waist
1 inch in hips

I decided not to settle for my original goal (to be toned and have nice muscle definition), but to add that I would, “shine as a mom, as a wife and as a woman who loves life, enjoys it, and takes care of her body.”
Fit Yummy Mummy has instilled me with an overwhelming feeling of success.
~I didn’t gain weight.
~I didn’t “beef” up.
I achieved all my goals.

New Goals

My goal is to continue to be a positive role model for my children and for others.

I want to shine as a mom, as a wife and as a woman who loves life, enjoys it, and takes care of her body. I have the ability to make a difference in my body through my daily choices. I can choose to treat my body in a positive way—the Fit Yummy Mummy way, or I can choose to abuse my body—bringing me down and putting on all the negatives.

My goal is to choose healthy. I want to shine with that inner light that comes from knowing that you are making good choices and that you are living life in a positive way.

My goal is to inspire others to take charge and make a difference by incorporating healthy eating, resistance training and intervals into their lives, thus becoming FYM’s too!

Steps I’ll take

1. Don’t purchase unhealthy products for myself or my family. If I shouldn’t eat it, why should I buy it?

2. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. Always check out the produce, fish and chicken. Shop often for good buys and stock up when there are sales. Seek out new ways to prepare these items so that we don’t become tired or burned-out on them.

3. Eat more raw fruits and veggies for better results.

4. Share my positive results with others so they will have an interest in becoming fit.

5. Plan for success. This includes planning meals, scheduling workouts/grocery time, planning for me time and family time. These are all important and must not be overlooked.

6. Stay connected with the FYM network. This keeps me on track and helps me when I’m having difficulties. The moms in this network are such a benefit to me. They are compassionate, caring, supportive, sensitive and honest about what it takes to make it! This is a big part of this program for which I am very thankful.

My Challenge to Each of You

If you haven't gone for it is the time! This program has been wonderful for me. Even though there's not another official challenge at this time, I challenge each of you to dedicate the next 12 weeks of your life to following the FYM lifestyle and see what Holly can do for you! I am beyond thrilled with my changes!"

~ Susan Pearson, Mom of Three - 6, 8 and 9, Knoxville, Tennessee

PS -
"This program is amazing and will continue to be an important part of my life.
Twelve weeks down…one yummy life to go!

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