Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fast Summer Fat Loss

Get Summer Ready in just 30 Days

There's no time like Summer that makes many women dive straight into the latest diet fad in order to lose pounds fast so they look presentable in their new bikini.

But did you know, the diet of choice may be the very reason you are NOT seeing results? Watch out for these Diet Fads that STOP Fat Loss and find out what you CAN do to see bikini ready results in just 30 days!

The most popular diet?
Low Calorie Diet - cut back those calories

This only seems to make sense, since eating TOO much causes weight gain and unsightly fat! As Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter, author of the Dress Size Reduction Diet, shares it is impossible to lose fat by dramatically reducing your calories.

This is due to the fact that our metabolism is quite adaptive. The moment you begin taking in too little calories, is the moment your body begins to BURN LESS calories. This is a survival mechanism to protect your body from starving.

The whole purpose of Fat Loss is to boost your metabolism so your body burns more fat and calories all day long. This is not going to happen if you skip meals and starve yourself, hoping that it's the fastest way to get into that bikini.

Next up: Fat Free!
Well just because a food item is Fat Free, does not mean it is calorie free, giving us permission to eat as much as we want. Fat tastes good - especially in processed foods. Well if you take all the fat out, it will have to be replaced with something...and that something means more Sugar! Consuming more sugar will not only cause your body to go in and out of fat storage mode, but creates uncontrollable hunger and cravings more sugar!

Final Diet Trap: No Carbs
Fearful of eating carbohydrates for they will automatically lead to weight gain?
Did you know carbohydrates are actually our body's preferred source of energy - helping our organs work properly, fueling our muscles - the heart and soul of your metabolism - and fueling our brain. Cut out all carbs and it is inevitable that you will feel like Crap and look like a bag of bones.

A no carb diet also means all of your calories are coming from protein, fat and highly processed specialty foods labeled as No Carb and Low Carb. This simply causes you to end up eating too many calories. There are carbs that your body does need that actually helps facilitate fat loss - fruits and veggies and whole grain items.

Is there a Diet that Can Help?
So starvation is not the answer, specialty labeled processed foods is not the answer, but you have to eat and eat in a way that promotes a healthy metabolism so you can shed the stubborn fat.

What are your options?

Eat real food.
Whole food.
When you make better choices about the foods you put into your body, you will be amazed at how quickly you FEEL better and suddenly your belly begins to disappear! Yes, that is how powerful nutrition is.

Eating a balanced meal also vamps up your metabolism. Be sure every meal has at the very least a quality protein and veggies and/or fruits.

Eating at the right times is also necessary to keep your metabolism elevated. Aim to eat a whole food meal every 3 to 4 hours. The Dress Size Reduction Diet also shows the power of even faster results as this diet plan carefully calculates and times meals that stimulate and prime your body for even faster fat loss.

Just a week into summer....there's still plenty of time for you to see amazing results and enjoy all your warm weather activities with confidence!

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