Monday, June 16, 2008

Fit Yummy Mummy Shopping Trip

Skinny Jeans, Six Packs and Cheesecake

What more could a group of fabulous Fit Yummy Mummy's ask for!

My trip to meet the Fit Yummy Mummy's for an afternoon of Lunch and Shopping was as great as I expected!

Now I always have a funny story to go along with the events in my life.

So my Saturday began with waking up early enough to get some work done online, get ready and pack up my gifts and cameras for the big event. I was proud of myself for getting it all finished so I would be to our FYM destination early - for once!

I was too excited!

As I stopped off at the bank to get a little extra spending money, I get a call from my husband....asking me how far I had made it. Turns out, the T-Ball equipment was in my truck ....and Patrick had a T-Ball game that afternoon (he's Tyler's coach). Well he was kind enough to drive out and meet me as not to delay my trip.

Back on the road - driving from Elizabethtown KY to Cincinnati OH was going to be about a 2 1/2 hour drive. The sky is clearing, the sun is shining I am just getting on the highway that leads straight into Cincinnati and my phone rings. It is Sheri! She says..."Hey - where are you?" I happily chime in that I just got on hwy 71.

She is quiet.
I look at the clock. It says 10:30...?
I quickly reply - OH NO....what time was I supposed to meet you?

She says what I dreaded....10:00!
I am still a good hour and so many minutes away.
They were all there....waiting for me!!!
What was I Thinking!
LUNCH....that's it. I had it in my mind what time we were meeting for Lunch - rather than the actually meeting time - but it WAS the Cheesecake Factory!!!

Sheri was very forgiving and understanding as she passed the news on to the anxiously waiting group of FYM's. I just afforded them an extra hour of shopping time!

Of course I felt horrible, but all I could do was Laugh at myself for being so scatter brained!

I finally made it - and just in time for lunch.

Meeting Susan, Angela, Deb and Alison was such a treat!
(I knew Sheri from it was awesome of her to organize this small event)

I felt like I was getting together with old friends.

After Hugs and Congrats Wishes, we sat down together for lunch and just started chatting away!
We talked about everything from our family's to our fitness routines. It is amazing just how much FYM has changes their lives! Each of these ladies were just Beaming! I am just so proud!

We all made very healthy choices for our meals - reason being....just about all of us planned on getting one of those Yummy pieces of Cheesecake! ~ You just can't go to The Cheesecake Factory without one!

Once I presented Susan - the Transformation Challenge Winner - with half of her grand prize - $1,000 American Express Gift Cards (Her $500 Prograde shipment is on its way...)

...It was Time to Shop!

Now this was fun for here I was with a group of dedicated FYM's who have invested in themselves to create some pretty amazing finding new clothes, new styles...New Sizes was such treat to watch!

Of course you KNOW shopping must include the trying on of new skinny jeans!

Angela was Thrilled to finally fit into a Size 4!

Susan pointed out the just how expensive a good pair of skinny jeans can be!

After being reprimanded a couple times, we had to take pictures outside of the stores of our great finds.

Here's another funny story...
The story about the Six Pack!

Susan drove all the way from Nashville, TN the night before and stayed with Angela. Seeing the two of them together, you would have sworn the were best friends. Well this was the first time they had met (just another testament to the amazing network of women we have here at ClubFYM).

So Angela is a bit worried that Susan is coming to stay....worried for the TC Winner may find out that Angela has some unsupportive foods in her pantry. It was too cute as Susan shared the thought of placing a six pack in her fridge - only to take a picture and share with you all!

We all had an amazing time and of course you know the afternoon went by Way Too Fast!

We took our final pictures outside of the mall and discussed plans for another shopping trip.

Of course I mentioned that this Fall we are planning on holding a larger FYM retreat - it will be local - most likely in Louisville - and something that would allow a larger group of us all get together for a weekend to really share, discover and deepen the bond that connects us online.

So be on the lookout - this Fall will also Mark the one year anniversary of Fit Yummy Mummy - Hey premiere FYM's....can you believe how quickly this past year has been! And you have all made such amazing progress.

So thank you to YOU and those of you who are new to the ClubFYM community.

For those who are still "thinking about it" or are even a bit skeptical.... I hope you can really see what makes us unique in the world of weight loss fads.

You just cannot find this anywhere else.

I am blessed to be here, to have you in my life, to share this amazing experience with you!

Become a member and experience today....Join ClubFYM Here.

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I look forward to working with you!

~ Holly

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