Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Fit Yummy Mummy Challenge Wnners

Grand Prize Winner...
Susan Pearson
Susan Pearson Re-Sculpts her “Starved-Skinny” Body: Achieves A Toned, Defined Body and Bikini Ready Abs by Working Out Less!

Susan wins the Grand Prize - $1,000 American Express Gift Card for the Shopping Spree of HER Choice - PLUS over $500 worth of FREE Prograde Supplements!

Second Place:
Samantha Schiavone
35 year old Mom, Samantha Schiavone Eliminates Fluffiness and Gains a Brand New Sexy Body. Total of Loss of 5 pounds, over 8 total inches and is Back her Size 4 Skinny Jeans!

Samantha takes Second Place winning an iPod Touch - now she can easily jam with Style to her favorite tunes while she works out. PLUS $100 gift basket of goodies to pamper her New Body from Vintage Body Spa.

Third Place:
Mary Dikeman

Mary Dikeman Celebrates New Beginnings with a New Fit and HEALTHY Body: She Lost Over 25 pounds, Over 26 total inches – Over 6 Inches from her Mommy Belly Alone- and 4 % Body Fat!

Mary takes Third Place winning a $250 Victoria Secret Gift Card to treat her new body. PLUS $75 gift basket of goodies to pamper herself from Vintage Body Spa.

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Jim Labadie said...

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the FYM Challenge!!