Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Transformation Challenge

Get Your Body Summer Ready

You are Invited!

Join the 12 Week Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Challenge!
This is your Summer to finally lose the belly fat and unleash your Yummy-ness!

YOU - The holder of the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System.

What: 12 Week Transformation Challenge

When: Registration begins July 1st - deadline to enroll is July 31 st. Challenge begins from the moment you register: posting before photos, starting stats and goals.

Where: Join ClubFYM - and starting next week you will have access to a private July Transformation Challenge Group where you will receive additional support and bonus resources to help you attain your Best results Ever over the next 12 weeks.

Challenge FAQ's

1.) What are The RULES?

~ Have FYM: You must have purchased the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System and use the FYM approved nutrition guidelines as well as the FYM approved workout plans to achieve your results. The handbook has a step by step program listed out for you to follow along with any additional resources shared on ClubFYM.

~ Join the July Transformation Challenge Group: As a member of ClubFYM you will join a private July Transformation Challenge Group reserved for you where you will Officially Register and begin posting the stated requirements.

- To register and have access to the Transformation Challenge Bonuses you will be asked to post your Starting Stats, a dated before picture and your 12 week Goals - using the Fit Yummy Mummy Goal Setting Sheet.

- You must keep a workout journal by posting in the Transformation Challenge group only. This not only creates accountability and provides the information needed to qualify as a finalist, but every amazing transformation has been fueled by detailed and regular tracking of your routine and progress.

- As requested, there will be an option to post your "menus" online as well. Because this is optional - there will be a special bonus gift at the end of the 12 weeks for those who do choose to use this as a tool to achieve their Challenge results.

2.) So does the Challenge Begin on July 1st?
The FYM Transformation Challenge runs from the moment you register (posting your photo, stats and goals) and officially ends 12 weeks (84 days) from August 1st which happens to be October 24th. All transformations must start and finish during this time period. Therefore, you could start as late as August 1st - this is the registration deadline or as early as July 1st. Up to you.

3.) What if I am Expecting?

Take the lead like Marloes has! No need to Not take advantage of the additional resources, support and accountability during this very important time of your and your baby's life. You will just have different goals and a slightly different FYM approach.

4.) Is it okay to participate in the Challenge a second time?

Absolutely! I hope everyone who registered for the 1st challenge will participate again. Striving to achieve your very best is an ongoing process. There is no "END" to improving your body, your mind, your life.

5.) The Challenge is 12 weeks long, but I am already half-way through the Advanced Bonus Workouts...what will I follow to be able to participate?
Just because you are near the "end" of the FYM program does not mean you can never revisit the workouts you have already completed. In one of your start up coaching calls, I will discuss various ways to recycle your FYM workouts so you will continue to be challenged and realize your results.

6.) How are winners Chosen?
The Transformation Challenge Finalists will be judged by a panel of experts, including but not restricted to: Holly Rigsby, Cassandra Forsythe, women’s nutrition and diet expert and Shondelle Solomon-Miles - Weight Loss Educator & Coach, Body Transformation Specialist. Once the finalists are chosen, voting is open to the public - as seen in our last challenge.

To be considered as a finalist, in addition to providing your final measurements and an After Photo, each contestant must write and submit a 300 word essay on their before and after success story.

Finalists will be chosen based on their personal best - considering progress and results over the 12 week period (no comparisons are made - this is all bout YOU and what YOU can achieve when you out your all into it!). As you can see from the last challenge...narrowing it down was super difficult. I had to make some hard decisions and choose a group of 12 finalists.

7.) What do we win?
(So far this is what I have, I am exploring additional gift options and will post the final Gift Offerings next week)

Grand Prize - $1,000 American Express Gift Card for the Shopping Spree of Your Choice, $500 worth of Prograde Supplements

Second Place – iPod Touch 8GB - easily jam to your favorite tunes in style while your workout.

Third Place - $250 Victoria Secret Gift Card to treat your new body.

EVERYONE WINS : Not only will you come out of the next 12 weeks with a New Body and a New Life - there will be a special prize awarded to every single FYM who starts and finishes the entire 12-week challenge.

~~Bonus Gifts to Facilitate your Results~~

Online Menu Planner

You will have access to the next best thing to having your own "private nutritionist" - 12 MONTHS of access to Nutrition for Results Online Menu Planning. There you will be able to create unlimited, nutritionally balanced meals using your favorite foods. This same exact program sells online for $119.40 per year. ($119.40 Value)

Prograde Coupons
- Save 20% off your 1st Fit Club order.

Coaching Calls with Holly Rigsby
To help assist you in the transformation, I will be holding 6 LIVE bi-weekly group coaching calls to help answer questions and keep you on track during the transformation challenge. During the last Challenge, coaching calls were recorded and will be shared during this challenge as well.

Access Expert Interviews

I will be inviting 3 additional experts to interview during your 12 week challenge as well...from Dax Moy - author of the Elimination Diet to Jayson Hunter - Prograde's dietitian and author of the Carb Rotation Diet.

Your next step?

Ask yourself if you are in.

Then, be sure you have the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System Click =>HERE, you understand the rules and you are ready and willing to make your commitment to get fit and achieve your very best.

Join ClubFYM =>HERE
and be on the lookout next week to request to join the July Transformation Challenge Group so you may begin your Transformation Challenge!

I look forward to working with you!


Brittney said...

I can't wait to for this challenge, I've been needing something like this so I am more accountable! Thanks Holly!

Lori said...

You're an angel. Can't wait to start the challenge the day I get back from vacation (perfect timing)

Thanks so much for offering the Meals 101 as a real incentive.

Jenny_v2.0 said...

Just downloaded the program over the weekend and then BAM --- a call to really challenge myself alongside other busy moms --- perfect timing! I can't wait to be a part of this group. Very excited, and looking forward to it!

kd said...

I'm really interested but I've heard a little too much talk about the prograde supplements.... is this a required part of the program?

Marie Lefler said...


I really want to be apart of this challenge. I read and voted for the last transformation challenge and we so proud and motivated by those amazing women.

My question is, do I need to have the Deluxe FYM package or can I do the basic? I am in a pinch with money and would like to know what is required.


Shari Kraft said...

I can't wait! This is gonna be fun!

Holly Rigsby said...

I love Your Excitement!!!

To answer your can have the Basic FYM or the Deluxe FYM package - up to you as to what you would like to start with.

(as far as DVD's go - July is the month I will be launching the workout of the month...with a DVD option - so know that is coming soon!)

Prograde supplements are optional - as any supplement should be.

Hope to see you all join the challenge and meet me ast ClubFYM!

keerti said...

I am dying to be in this challenge and it's right on time.
I am already in my fourth week of FYM 16 week program .I haven't measured myself yet but Ican say i am feeling the difference.
I sure had weighed myself ....and i lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks .
Just don't know how.
I will be in for transformation challenge for sure.
Thanks Holly are Awesome.

christik said...

I am DEFINITELY IN! It will be hard for me to let someone take my before photo, but the prospect of a fabulous after makes it easier. You are a true Godsend! I need someone to hold my hand a little. THANKS!!!

Joanna said...

I don't live in the US can I participate? And are participants outside US eligible for the prizes? I would like to participate anyways.

Holly Rigsby said...

Any woman, any where is eligible to participate - as long as you have the FYM Lifestyle system and join ClubFYM to register and gain access to a TON of bonus resources.