Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reasons WHY Fit Yummy Mummy will NOT Work for You

This Program Isn't Working

A reality check into the expectations of your "weight loss plan".

"I've been looking for a good diet and exercise program - and I hope you can help.

The one I have isn't working. I'm convinced it's flawed - somehow its creator has overlooked an important component - she seems to promote exercise and healthy eating, and something called support and accountibility.

I guess I missed the fine print.

I was excited in the beginning.

I tried the workouts, I followed the eating plan and NOTHING happened. I didn't see any results. You'd think after 24 hours on the program I would have dropped at least 24 pounds!!!! I thought I'd read somewhere to expect a 1-2 pound loss every hour!

I got a copy of this diet that was promoted - and again - NOTHING!
I suppose it helps if you actually follow the plan....but I mean, come on, throw me a bone!

So......I've decided............I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!

I've been searching other sites for a program that WILL work.
Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

Here's what I'm looking for.....

- I want to eat the way I eat now.
- I don't want to give up pastry, candy, cookies or diet coke.
- I don't want to exercise.
- I want to indulge my every whim.
- I don't want any accountibility.
- I don't want to change my lifestyle.
- I want the right to be selfish 24/7.

.....And, oh yeah, I still want to lose this weight FAST!
And by fast I pretty much mean tomorrow.
I'll take a few weeks......or even a month........but this 90 extra pounds has got to be gone within 30 days. That's about all I'm willing to invest.

On second thought, I can commit to 24-48 hours, depending on how rigid the program is and the work involved.

So to summarize.....I don't really want to change anything about my life or myself......but I still want to lose weight.

I'll wait for your responses.


That was a somewhat lighthearted look at how I feel on a daily basis. To shed some light on where I was coming from, I wrote this post AFTER doing my first interval workout in three weeks! I try for a day and give up.

It's the story of my life. And right after my workout I was on a high - and was going to post the usual I-can-do-it post, this-time-it-will-be-different post......but who am I kidding?

It doesn't matter how much resolve I have, I WILL go back to my comfortable old eating habits tomorrow!! I will wish for all of the things I wrote about in this post (quick weight loss without the work), and I will 'fail.'

But something inside me is getting stronger...

....tiny changes are happening, and I'm making more conscious decisions.....and so, even if I stray for a while, I keep coming back. And that's what I LOVE about this program.....and that's why I do come back....and I'll keep coming back for as long as it takes.

Because it's not about how many times we fall's all about getting back up!

I'm also happy to know ya'll know me well enough by now to see the humour in that post!!!! Fit Yummy Mummy ROCKS - I could NEVER say anything bad about it!!!!

~ Kathleen, Proud Member of ClubFYM

Ready to make your commitment, to get Your Body Back?

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Anonymous said...

I loved reminds me of ME!!! The girl who wants to lose the weight but not make a change in her But believe it or not, I woke up this moring, did the FYM workout, ate a healthy breakfast and am drinking water! Yes, WATER, not diet coke like I usually do. Thanks for everything, you really know how to relate with people like me!