Sunday, June 29, 2008

Motivation from Fit Yummy Mummy Shopping Trip

"Two weeks ago I decided to meet some FYMs for the Cincinnati Shopping Trip.

All of my family was otherwise occupied that day and I live right here, so why not?

I was not looking for skinny jeans, I was more "before" than "after"!
I was looking to see if this program is the real deal or an internet gimmick!
I was looking for motivation to press on.
I was looking to meet some new friends.

( I was feeling a little weird about going to meet people I met on the internet--kids, don't do this!!)f

I am delighted to report I found all this and more!

We met as planned and my first impression was that everyone was real, just what I'd seen on Club FYM, but even better in person: radiant, friendly, and fit!

(After the usual wondering what to wear, it was funny that 3 of us came up with black tops and khaki bottoms--great minds!! Someone in a store even asked us if we were a singing group or something!!)

Holly met us for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Lunch with 5 one even touched the bread and everyone drank water! (I certainly wasn't going to order a DIET COKE this time!!)

On most other occasions I would rationalize the bread and the Coke, but there was STRENGTH among this supportive group of women.

It was wonderful getting acquainted over the delicious food. I asked all my questions about FYM and how it works out for them. All but me had participated in the Transformation Challenge--we even had the grand champion and 2 other finalists.

Their answers gave me information, hope and motivation to continue!

Of course we DID have cheesecake and I think that calls for coffee, but that was just me!
We had so much fun and everything was absolutely positive.

Two weeks later, I am so happy with what I found on that trip!

I've had two great weeks of workouts and good food choices!

Seeing the results and excitement in the other FYMs was so motivating:
it works! they're committed, they're disciplined, they're happy and excited about their results, they look great!

If they can do it, so can I!

Fit Yummy Mummy is the real deal:
a workable, doable programs for busy moms at home.
Club FYM is an awesome group of women dedicated to improving themselves and helping each other.

Priceless! and not available in any mall!

I'm in--bring on the next challenge!!

Thank you Holly, and thank you Susan, Sheri, Angela, and Alison!

It was wonderful to meet you and I look forward to cheering each other on in the weeks ahead.

If any of you out there in Club FYM have a chance to meet in person like this, go for it!!"

~ Deb, Proud Member of ClubFYM

Discover the power of support.
ClubFYM: A community of women unlike any other.

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