Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking for the Solution to Get Skinny?

Sensible Fat Loss

Gain insight directly from Liz who after just 4 weeks of incorporating the fat loss strategies of Fit Yummy Mummy into her fitness plan has realized what the solution has been all along.

"I've been struggling with my weight for over 20 years.

I was very active in HS sports and then went to college, put on the freshman 15, but remained there because I walked all over campus. After college, bought my first car and that was the end of that. No more walking or exercise and because I now had a job and could go out to eat more often and the weight started creeping on and on.

Over the years, I've looked for answers, I've felt like I've been in perpetual diet mode for decades and I really have been.

I'd find some infomercial, product or diet that I was convinced was "the answer", it might work a little for a while, but then it would stop working because it was just a gimmick or I'd give up because it wasn't sustainable. Many were not even healthy and eventually the little voice inside would say "what are you doing?!!??!" and I'd stop, feel depressed and put back on whatever I had lost.

With technology and science moving at such a rapid pace, I've just kept waiting for someone to invent THE THING that will make this all easier. I've been looking for the George Jetson-version where he just watches the exercise video and that works!

Then I found the Fit Yummy Mummy program.

Well I guess I'm FINALLY older and wiser as the program JUST MAKES SENSE. There is no little voice inside thinking "this is another gimmick". It is very clear and simple to understand.

Not easy, but it's not supposed to be. That's what I now finally understand. We all know to avoid the silly get-rich-quick schemes, but then find ourselves falling for the get-skinny-quick-without-diet-or-exercise schemes.


I've lost 5lb and I feel like I "take up less space", if you know what I mean. I have more energy and I'm not even hungry. My stomach tells me that it's been 3 hours like clockwork and that's been really helpful.

I'm back to the weight I was when I got married 10 years ago!

To get to that weight for my wedding, I was eating slimfast 2x per day and then "rewarding myself for being good" with burger, fries and dessert. Not smart, I know that now. I actually knew it then, but it was easier to lie to myself then.

I'm done with that now.

Trial and error for 20 years, finally done. I no longer want to get skinny. I want to get healthy and strong. I'm not there yet. I've got a ways to go AND EVEN THEN, I won't be done. It's forever.

Thanks Holly and all of the great teachers/role models on ClubFYM. You've really opened eyes.

Some of the best lessons are the ones you really have to work to learn."

~ Liz, Mom of two - Ages 3 and 5, Proud member of ClubFYM

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selene said...

Liz, I think the most important statement you made in that post is "I no longer want to get skinny. I want to get healthy and strong." Yes, you still want to look good, but that is not about skinny, really. Thank you for your honest and inspiring sharing!