Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Time, Energy and Motivation!

Need some more Time? Stop Watching Television!

This is a great tip from 2 very successful Moms, Mary and Heather - authors of "It's All About You" and founders of As a member of MomsTown, I signed up to receive the Big Break Inspiration newsletter. Each day my inbox has a new and inspiring message.

As busy Moms we never seem to have enough time to get everything done, we struggle with a lack of energy and sometimes it just hard to get motivated! I am without a doubt a Busy Mom.

In order to get different results in our life however, there is a need for us to stop and take a moment to see "what we are spending our precious time on." Whether it is talking on our cell about the latest gossip, mindlessly searching the pages of ebay for the best deal ever, or even spending time on workouts that offer little to no return (i.e. hours of cardio - but that is another post).

How much TV do you watch? This "time and energy zapper" really struck me because I know I do it, and I know a LOT of busy moms do it as well. In fact, I've been so busy trying to wrap up the final details of the Fit Yummy Mummy project, that I find myself turning to TV for my reward - I LOVE reality court shows for some strange reason.

But now that this has been brought to my attention, I'm sure it is the very reason why I find it so hard to motivate myself to get anything else done the rest of the day! Not to mention TV facilitates a pitfall for many moms - mindless eating...especially at night.

If you are one of the few moms who does not indulge....then your days are much more productive, good for you!

Television puts you in a passive role.

It zaps you of energy, makes you procrastinate, and can really bring you down. There isn't much on television that is truly inspiring, educational, and encourages you to take action.

Television isn't just bad for kids, it's bad for us too..... If you're watching television you're wasting your precious time. It's been estimated that the average person spends 40% of his/her free time in front of the television. Don't let that be you. Log the amount of time you spend in front of the television. Be honest about the amount of time the TV is on. Now, turn it off and get on with your life.

Mary & Heather

Take the challenge. See how much more time and energy you have for YOU.

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ailene said...

You're right! There isn't much on television worth watching! Although I couldn't help watching "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" tonight. However, if I wouldn't have watched it, I would have had a cleaner house and I could have gone to bed earlier... now I'm really tired and I'm listening to my online trainings while I read blogs!!! :)