Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Need More Time? Time Tip #1

Get Up Early!
Time Management Tip #1





Get Up Early?????!!!!!

I can already hear the moans and groans so let me shed some light on a few facts for you.

How often do you find yourself stating each day - "I wish I had more time". Well it's Time to turn complaints into solutions. You can take control of your day by implementing a simple set of strategies. Getting up early is one of many that I will share. This is my very successful formula for getting more out of the time I have and more accomplished during the day.

No - you do not have to wake up hours earlier than what you are used to. However, you will be surprised at how an extra 15 minutes each morning can make a huge difference in the flow of your entire day.

With an extra 15 minutes you can....

~ make breakfast
~ eat breakfast
~ workout
~take a bath
~read something inspirational
~ map out your day
~plan meals for the week
~make a grocery list

The list can go on and on, you get to decide, you get to take control.

Choose an activity that will render the biggest results. For example, if you tend to put our workout off until the second half of the will find it difficult to ever get it in. BUT if you DO workout, you WILL see and feel results. So spend that extra 15 minutes in the morning getting your workout done and of the way. Your entire day will benefit, your mindset will benefit, your body will benefit. Isn’t that the goal?

Prepare the Night Before. Now to make the most of this extra 15 minutes in the morning, do whatever you can the night before to make this "me time" possible. For example, your extra 15 minutes should not be spent searching for your child's only pair of black pants. This not only leaves you stressed and frantic, it upsets your child, it disrupts the flow of your day and think about it, how is taking the time to find those pants going to help you the rest of the day?

Get some Sleep! Also, you need to go to bed at a reasonable hour. The main reason moms groan over this "get up early" tip is because they are getting to bed so late to begin with! Why? What are you spending your time doing so late at night? TV is a huge culprit in this situation. TV will only disrupt your ability to fall asleep. Need to wind down? Great, I have tips for that too....

~drink some hot “sleepy time tea”
~ read a book
~ listen to some relaxing music

Please do not waste your valuable time and energy thinking... “but I” .... “what if ”. Sure each situation is unique. However, if you are a busy mom who is ready and willing to try something different in order to get different results, then take this success formula and run with it.


ailene said...

Good tip! Thanks for sharing!

Patty said...

I would love to be a morning person, but have always been a night owl...with two little ones under five I'm not sure how to get to bed before 10pm, and often find myself up until 11-12 on some nights trying to enjoy some quiet "me time".
I hope I can implement this tip somehow...