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Stylish Workout Wear: Look Great, Get Fit

Yummy Bag of Tricks:

Tips to Keep You Looking Good Before, During and After Your Workout

In this series, Tammy Gibson - THE beauty and fashion Expert for Moms - shares tips to help you get your workout in and look put together before, during and after!

Listen up - you are about to learn how to pick stylish, functional workout wear that will take you from the workout to running errands without looking like you just came from the gym. You’ll also learn quick skin care, makeup and hair routines that will allow you to look ready for your day. And you’ll even be able to go from workout to play dates, or run errands and look great even when you don’t have time to take a shower and get ready!

Part 1:
Stylish Workout Wear- from Super Sets to Super Market
by Tammy Gibson

Sadly, I admit, that this Fit Yummy Mummy will miss a morning workout because I have nothing to wear. I really hate bringing my son to school wearing my gym gear. I’m not one for wearing tennis shoes (I used to be an elementary physical education teacher and got WAY burned out on the fitness gear) and looking like I am ready for a workout is not my favorite style. Non-the-less, I need to come up with a solution because I can’t be changing clothes all day long and missing my workouts is not the way to be fit or yummy!

It’s a true confession but I doubt I am the only one using that excuse! So, here I am to put a stop to the nonsense and put some serious style into your workout wardrobe. I know that you are faithfully working out at home to Fit Yummy Mummy, maybe going to the gym or involved in other forms of exercise. You are a busy mom and need clothes that can go from drop-off to workout to errands, if needed. A shower and outfit change are not always an option on a busy schedule!

It’s always important for you to feel put together, even when working out. Feeling good about your appearance increases your confidence. You’ll get a better workout. You don’t want to be distracted by worrying that your shorts are too short or your socks don’t really match the outfit.

Workout Wear to Avoid:

· Dirty gym clothes. Enough said, I hope

· Baggy clothes. You are working hard to tone up so don’t hide it behind frumpy, baggy tees and sweats! Besides, large clothing just gets in the way of good form during your workout.

· Overly skimpy. Now, if you are working out in the privacy of your own home and you want to wear your jogging bra on its own- go for it. If you are where others can see you, cover up! That goes for short length as well!

· No fanny packs, please. Use a locker for your keys and phone if you are at the gym. Use an iPod holder for your tunes.

Looking stylish and wearing functional clothing to workout in can be tricky. Hear are some tips.

Workout Wear that Works

~ Invest in solid color basics that you can mix and match

~ Wear white socks

~ During your workout is the only time you should mix two different strap types on your tanks. Somehow, a racer back and spaghetti strap tank look pretty cool when you are exercising!

~ Invest in cool (and comfortable) footwear. No need for basic white with so many options available!

~ A great fitting exercise bra

~ A good bag to transport your gear if you are exercising outside the home.

Where to Shop for great workout wear: You can’t beat the great styles carried by Lucy. Shop by activity type and find every item you’ll need to look great before, during and after your workout. Yes, exercise skirts with built-in shorties! Love them! Offered in really fabulous fabrics, you’ll find skirts, tops and dresses to exercise in. I love the pink camo skirt- how stylish! - Organic workout and casual apparel. Green living at its most stylish!

My Featuring cycling bloomers to wear under your clothes. A great little secret that keeps your bum from getting saddle sore during spin class or a spin through the neighborhood!
. I love their selection of athletic shoes. Great colors and styles from running to lifestyle shoes, you are sure to find a stylish pair that fits your needs.

Throw out any items you may be tempted to wear like baggy sweats, your husband’s old t-shirts or ill-fitting bras, shoes or shorts. Then, put together a few workout outfits that you can mix and match throughout the week. Having them accessible and easily matched will help you eliminate the excuse that you have nothing to wear.

Now, go get fit, yummy and stylish!

Thanks for the great tips and advice Tammy!
Tammy Gibson is a mom dedicated to empowering moms through beauty and style. For more fashion, beauty and yummy inspiration visit A Mom in Red High Heels.

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