Thursday, March 27, 2008

Get Back into your Skinny Jeans!

Kickin' Those Old Jeans Goodbye!

"Yesterday I went through the day feeling slouchy. Something was not right.

My jeans felt all wrong!

There was a big bulge in the front, and the tighter I cinched my belt, the worse it looked, felt. "That's it!" I said at the end of the day, after having been preoccupied by other things all day long. "I am trying those skinny jeans on again!!"

Two weeks ago, inspired by Michele's great blog...

"My "Fitting" Jeans were tight. Oh No!"

...I decided to pull my skinny jeans out of the tub where there were stored in the basement. I tried them on - over the thighs, easy!!

(That was a miracle as I consider my thighs my trouble spot.)

Over the hips....

about an inch and a half to go....

and I think I could wear them again!!

So I laid them on top of my dresser, ready to use these now as my fitness tracker instead of that silly old, unreliable scale!

Now yesterday I was ready to give them another go.

I could not believe it - they fit!!!!

They looked great!!
Double check with husband that I was not going to embarrass myself in public (aka too tight) - he said "Wowza!"

Oh, yes, I did it!!!!!

Woohoo!! I walked out of the house last night with confidence, flirty!! I was soaring all night long! This is it!!

I am so glad I saved my skinny jeans!!

(Now what to do about the fact that I am going to feel frumpy in my other jeans I must kick goodbye?? Time to hit the consignment stores, I think!!! I do not want to disservice the FYM system or my husband by wearing those baggy old things :)!!)

I am so thrilled and I am only into my 6th week of the challenge!! Maybe I'll need some even skinnier jeans soon!!!!" ~ Angela Rosa, 40, Mom of Three

Meet Angela and the hundreds of women who have supported her as she made her way back into her Skinny Jeans. Social Support is the #1 factor for a woman's weight loss success. ClubFYM is filled with women who are going through a similar experience and who will tell you the truth about what it takes to be successful.

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