Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lose Your Mommy Belly!

Yes! You Can Shrink Your Post Baby Bulge

Vicki Jones
is the Featured Fit Yummy Mummy of the week over at ClubFYM and her results are so incredible that I had to make her story accessible to more than just the members of the site.

Check out what Vicki has been able to accomplish in just 7 short weeks of following the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System...

"Is it really possible to loose the mummy belly using just Holly's program...I was very interested as I have that problem myself...I wish I had taken a pic now to show just how bad it was...

Well for all those wondering I have some great news !!!!!

I have been a FYM in training for 7 weeks now , and my disgusting belly is very almost gone!! Yes honestly!!!

I used to have 'overhang' ( thats the only way i can describe it) of 3... yes 3 inches. Through the weeks it turned into one of those bum looking bellies with a line down the middle and I started panicking thinking I'm not sure what looked worse!

But now I am pleased to report my belly doesn't hang at all now!

Before......... Present

15' ......Arms ........12'
27' .......Thighs....... 22'
38' ......waist......... 32'
48' ......'baby belly'.... 43'
44' .......Hips ..........42'

36 ......body fat%...... 33

The results so far have been brilliant!!!
(All that and I'm not even half way through the program!!)

I have been going through clothes so quickly, I just had a clear out and even had to give away clothes that still had the tags on!! I missed the boat, too tight when I brought them , next time I try them too big!

I love the fact I can buy cap sleeve shirts that don't cut the circulation off in my arms, jeans that don't look like they have been airbrushed on my thighs!

But the most amazing results I have had and the one I am most pleased about had to be my mummy belly, not only have I lost inches, the saggy post baby bulge has shrunk to non existence!!!

Vicki's Fit Yummy Mummy Success Tips

1. Tracking and planning your meals

2. Following each and every workout with a post workout shake

3. Working out LESS
The fact that you only need 90 minutes a week to do the workout is fantastic! Takes a little getting used to but once I found something to do with the free time I was used to spending slogging it out at the gym, I felt like I had been given some of my life back!!!

4. ClubFYM Social Support
Talking to the other mums has really helped! Realizing I’m not the only one, no matter what the problem you can almost guarantee you will find another mum having the same one!"

Most Surprising?

"The complete change I feel in myself. I was expecting to tone up and hopefully lose weight, but I never thought I would feel like a completely different person!

I had been suffering with post natal depression since my son was born ( now 3), was just getting to the point where I thought I needed to do something for myself, but now after joining FYM I feel more confident in myself than I did before I had my son!

I don’t look in the mirror and cry anymore. I look and feel proud of what I have already achieved."

To Those Who Are Skeptical...

The net is soo full of all sort of hopes and dreams, lotions and potions promising you a new body, like tomorrow with no effort.

When I first stumbled across Fit Yummy Mummy I thought it was just another ad full of promises. When you look at the amazing results women have already achieved its hard not to want to look into it further, that exactly what i did and i am soo glad that i did now.

What Does Being a Fit Yummy Mummy Mean To You?

I have learned that looking after myself is not selfish, being a Fit Yummy Mummy just makes me a more happy and confident woman which it turn helps me to be a better mother, partner and friend.

Thanks to all the wonderful mums that have joined the FYM site, so many of you have inspired me to keep going, or try harder, or resist the sweet drawer in the fridge!!

Most of all thank you Holly!! You do soo much for all of us and you are never too busy to give feedback or answer a question, or help me out with my computer problems!!! You should be a saint or something, And how quickly the site is growing I’m sure us FYM 's are about to take over the world and I’m soo glad I have been part of it."

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who are reclaiming more than just their pre-baby body.

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Alyssa said...

Oh my word this is so inspiring and encouraging!!! I live at a community where they stress wellness- but that means spending ungodly hours stuck in the gym... It's so encouraging to find out that there are better, more satisfying ways! Congrats on your awesome new body!!! :-)