Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brian Grasso: Youth Fitness Expert

A Weekend with the World's Leading Youth Fitness Expert

"Changing the Way We Train Our Youth"

I spent a fabulous weekend in the always educational, inspirational and entertaining company of Brian Grasso, founder and CEO of the IYCA "International Youth Conditioning Association".

One of the IYCA's projects is working with Men's Health on a program for physical education in schools. the project is called FitSchools.

"The goal is to change the format of PE nationwide by making it functional, fun and worthwhile.

We constantly underestimate what the human body is capable of. It is not about going for walks or being "just active" or "dance dance revolution" it is about children reclaiming their innocence to run, jump, throw, skip, climb, hop, etc. The stuff we used to do. It's about reclaiming out physical culture.

For example, Harvard University did a study of intelligences. There are 7 intelligences we are capable of possessing, physical is one of them. Physicality is every bit as important as intellect.

The big benefit? Self Esteem!

They feel they are capable of anything!"

~ Brian Grasso

Check out the most important video you may ever see and find out how to nominate your child's school here:

Developing Athletics

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Here is a sneak peak at the Future of Youth Fitness

"I love to think that by the time by son is in school there will be awesome physical education classes in schools. I know the ones I was in during school were a joke!" ~ Kelli

"This is wonderful. It is a shame that children are only allowed "limited" time in phys. ed. classes each week. I see a big problem in the mindset of the educators who cut back on the structured physical activity and demand more sitting in a chair each week. When funds get tight, PE is one of the first places they look to cut the budget. For many children, this is the only exercise they get each week. When they leave school, they are either on the computer or playing their games, or sitting in the back seat of the car sucking down their supper ("FAT foods", no doubt--and I didn't mean fast--ha!).

Thank you, Brian and Holly, for all your efforts to make phys. ed. a great experience for our children and youth." ~ Susan

"You know, my favorite class growing up in California was P.E...because it was the one class that I always excelled in AND had fun!!! Just looking at the "kids gym" brings back memories of playing for HOURS at the playground by my house...I remember my mom asking if I felt ok if I wasn't outside playing. You guys rock for bringing fitness back to our youth. I thank you and Cody (my son) thanks you." ~ Tina

"I taught PE to inner city kids for 5 years. It was truly a challenge to get kids moving during that 50 minutes! Once they reached 4th grade, they had such an attitude of laziness and now I hear the district I worked for is thinking of eliminating recess because test scores are too low. It saddens me to no end. If only Brian and a team like him could reach all schools and youth programs and explain this concept, we may have a healthier America! Mind, body and soul all work together to create one happy individual and no one part can do it alone! Thanks for sharing this!" ~ Tammy

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