Monday, March 31, 2008

Busy Mom Finds the Time to Get Fit

The Time is NOW:
A New Beginning

"I had signed up for the Transformation Challenge on the very last day - that is Feb 28th and I was all excited and determined that this would be different from any other fitness resolution I had taken - and quickly relinquished. However, just the first few days all the normal challenges started to come up - and very quickly I had fallen off and was back to my old ways - I hadn't really changed everything.

And before I knew it a month had passed. That was depressing enough. But I also started thinking my usual thoughts - I can't do this - I don't have the time. I've already blown the Transformation Challenge - so I'll postpone this fitness thing a few months - when I have more time.

But reality is: I will never have more time than now -
there will always be something. Unless I wait 10 more years till my kids go to college!!

The wake up call came when I tried on a skirt I hadn't worn for some time - and it barely fit!

It was loose around the waste when I had started the TC. OMG! I had not only failed to follow through - but
I had even gained more weight.

Devastated .... I realized I just could not wait.
I needed to do this now because I hated myself every time I put on clothes - which is ALL the time.

Then I opened my email and found Holly's magical message:
You are forgiven.

Somehow, my thinking changed:
I WILL do it now. This program was designed for busy moms - so I can make the time for it.

I have promised myself to do this

After thinking through why I failed last time,

I have come up with the following strategy:

1) Focus on one nutrition goal at a time until I perfect it. My current goal is to not cheat (except on the weekends). Previously I cheated 3 times a day.

2) I dedicate the first hour of every day to CARE FOR MYSELF by: planning my meals for the day, doing a the workouts 3 times a week and writing this blog.

Today is my second day of Fit Yummy Mummy and the Transformation Challenge. On my first day (yesterday) I did my workouts, did not cheat once all day, and ate 1445 calories (calculated through FITDAY site) and I just feel great.

I will take it one day at a time.

3) To participate more in ClubFYM to give and receive support.

Thank you Holly and thanks to all you great women who have made Fit Yummy Mummy such a blessing."

Iman, Mom of Three - Ali 10; Asmaa 6; Hussein 4, Cairo, Egypt

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