Thursday, March 6, 2008

Overcoming the Frustration of Fat Loss

Overnight Fat Loss?

"Well, I've been feeling frustrated for a week now.

The scale hasn't moved since 2/4/2008.

I just can't seem to get this nutrition thing down.

Holly makes it so easy to follow, but my little brain just tries to make it complicated, so I just get overwhelmed and procrastinate , make excuses why I can't BLAH BLAH BLAH!

I never like to go grocery shopping anyway so much to do make a list, clip coupons oh and then you have to make a menu and figure out what to eat!

Once again I tend to make all this even more complicated and waste time trying to find recipes etc. Once again if I would just stick to Holly's plan it's a NO BRAINER!!!!!

I was feeling sorry for myself because I need to go to the grocery store today and instead of just DOING what needed to be DONE, I wasted precious time and energy fretting over grocery shopping and all that I had to do.

But, when I got dressed and put on my clothes (a tank top i haven't worn in a couple of weeks) I found that the FAT JUST SEEMED TO MELT AWAY OVERNIGHT!!!!

In this tank top before my belly stretched it so it was almost see through, and you could see the outline circle of my belly button. NOT ANYMORE!!!

~ There is ACTUALLY extra fabric there now!

~ I can take my size 10 jeans and without unbuttoning them take them off

~ I had to poke an extra hole in my belt(thats the THIRD hole I've poked since starting Fit Yummy Mummy)

My husband keeps telling me I need to go shopping for NEW clothes, but there again I hate shopping and have put it off. I keep thinking I can go without new clothes until I finish the Transformation Challenge in 10 weeks.

Now I 'm not so sure I can wait!

In 10 weeks I'm afraid my clothes will just FALL OFF while I'm walking into a store! HOW EMBARRASSING would that be!!!!

So anyway I THANK YOU HOLLY! You have not only touched my life deeply, but from what I read from other FYM you have touched us all.

I PROMISE just to follow what you have worked so hard for and put out there for us to just DO, (NO BRAIN REQUIRED!) and QUIT questioning.

This plan is so easy and VERY EFFECTIVE!!! That's all. I'm OFF to do that grocery thing!!"

~ Shawndala Arias

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