Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lose your Mommy Belly in 6 Weeks!

Gaining Muscle - Losing Inches!
"If this keeps up, I'll be in a Bikini by June!"

28 year old Lisa, Mom of 2 daughters - 2 and 3 born 13 months apart, Eliminates her Mommy Belly!

"Many women seem concerned about; seeing results right away, the number on the scale, what you drink, knowing the length/effectiveness of the workouts, messing up the nutrition and having too many sweet or salty treats.

I started Fit Yummy Mummy in November.

So just in time for a whole whack of holidays! I had 5 birthdays, Christmas and New years all in my first six weeks on the program! And yes, I ate Holiday treats during this time, but Holly tells you all you need to know to survive these times and gives you the best goal setting method I have ever seen. I had a few too many treats and only saw minor improvements at first ....but be patient, it takes time to get the nutrition right!

In January I went full out and did FYM in combo with the elimination diet.

This greatly accelerated my results by letting me know that I don’t react well to some foods and that had slowed my results in the past.

If your results aren’t coming and you are following the program, refine your nutrition plan! If you do cheat, don’t beat yourself up over it. I had a few too many cheats and my progress slowed but I never quit and I never went backwards. I took Holly’s advice and learned what caused me to cheat so I could come up with a plan for next time.

One thing I read that helped me when faced with a cheat is to say “oh well, it’s not on my plan”, this gives you the power not the food. For big cravings I look at the food and think of the ingredients; sugar, fat, salt, preservatives and say, “I deserve better!” You can make unhealthy choices seem much less appealing if you think of what they really are.

I then signed up for the FYM Transformation Challenge.

I was so excited I signed up as soon as I saw the message, and had my husband take my pictures that night. When I took my measurements I saw that so far on Fit Yummy Mummy I had dropped 5lbs, and lost 2’’ off of my chest (darn it!), 2” off of my lower waist and 3” off of my hips. Pretty good for Holiday season!

Then my excitement took a hit!

I got the flu, and not the 24h stomach bug, oh no I had the week long, fever/chills laid out in bed flu. So I did what Holly told me to do, I focused on my nutrition. I raised my calories to give my body the fuel it needed to recover and took a week off of working out. But despite that I didn’t quit, I kept at it and even stayed in the competition. I wasn’t about to let getting sick stop me from getting the body I deserve!

So I got right back to my Fit Yummy Mummy workout plan as soon as I was healthy, even increased the weight I was using.

I got pretty excited because I could do my belt up one notch tighter than before so I got on the scale! I had gained two pounds.

Now I have read a few posts out there that talk about gaining weight or staying the same and how upset you all are at the lack of progress. But these are usually followed by posts about loose fitting clothes and more energy. Well when I looked at the scale, even though I didn’t like seeing the numbers go up I was happy. Because numbers going up while measurements go down meant I was swapping fat for muscle! Yeah!!

Now I was rearing to go, until I got a groin injury.

So now, shortly after being sick, I was injured. (This injury was not in any way related to the program, just me being a bit clumsy in my spare time!)

Did I give up and put my feet up for a week until I was full strength?

Not a chance!

I tailored all the workouts so that they were upper body only, including intervals, and kept right on going. Was I happy about being injured of course not, but I had to make the best out of my situation.

To cheer myself up I decided to check my results the day I got injured. I had already decreased my upper waist by ½”, my lower waist by 1” and my hips by 1 ½” since the start of the challenge. And this was only the start of week 4! So after one week my doctor said I was cleared to workout again. I did two full strength workouts and decided to check my results again because I was curious to see how well you could do with upper body only.

While injured I decreased my upper waist by ¼”, my lower waist by ½” and my hips by 1”!

If you have any doubts about short workouts working ....

just look at my results with workouts that were even shorter and less intense. Don’t let the short duration fool you, these workouts are tough, and they get results when you are following the nutrition part of the program as well!

So here I am at the start of week 7.

Over the last six weeks I have dropped:

1 ½” off my upper waist

2” off my lower waist

3 ½” off my hips

For a total of 7”

Since November I have dropped:

3 ½” off my upper waist

4” off my lower waist

6 ½” off my hips

For a grand total of 14”!!!

If you asked me what the best part about FYM program is, I wouldn’t be able to pick just one.

I love that it is a whole package!

Not just a workout program, or just a nutrition program or just a mind set program, or just a support group.

The FYM program is all of the above! It is an excellent workout program, a sound nutrition program, it has a great mind set and goal setting component, it has this amazing support group and as if that wasn’t enough, you get to talk one on one with Holly and get her help if you are really stuck, how many programs can offer all of that?" ~ Lisa Reece

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Marloes Aitcheson said...

Wow! Lisa, what awesome results! I am so proud of you! Holly, the success stories keep filing in! This is so great!

Missy Tarry said...

Yee Haw Lisa!!!!!