Monday, March 17, 2008

Lose the Mummy Tummy

For the 1st time in 15 Years, I'm in the 140's!

This is HUGE for me and to see these results has only reaffirmed to me that Fit Yummy Mummy is THE way to regain your body back and lose the unwanted FAT for good!

A bit about me:

Like any other fitness professional out there, we should know what is good for our bodies and what it takes to get out bodies into tip top shape right?

Well like the old saying goes I should “practice what I preach”!! I have been working as a Kinesiologist for 8 years now guiding clients through a series of exercise programs to help them recover from injury and lead them back to better health.

BUT….what have I done for myself? The answer quite simply is NOTHING.

Yes, I have had my slew of gym memberships during my high school and university years and as I was involved with many sports teams, my life always seemed busy and active.

Why wasn’t I in shape then?

I guess I just accepted my body for the way it was because for all the cardio and weight training I did my body shape and weight for that matter never changed much. Yes it went down and I felt leaner but then it would go right back to where it was before if not worse.

Last winter a friend of my husband’s, Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training), recommended a program that was designed just for busy moms.

Yes! Here is where I found Holly and the Fit Yummy Mummy System!!!

Since joining in November ‘07, Holly has been there for me 100%!!

I injured my knee and during the month of December I took some time off from the workouts which actually allowed me to focus on my supportive nutrition that much more.

When January came around and I was back to feeling 100%, adding the workouts back into the system was just that much easier!! As soon I was back on track my body INSIDE and OUT began to change!!

I was feeling so much more energy, so much more enthusiasm and an overall sense of wellbeing! Plus why wouldn’t I? I was eating healthy and getting the proper exercise for once in my life!

My Results over the past 7 weeks!

Jan 13'08~ 157lbs
Chest 38"
Bicep 12"
Waist (low) 37"
Hips 40"
Thigh 22"

Mar. 5'08 ~ 148lbs
Chest 36.25" ~ down 1.75"
Bicep 12" ~ no change
Waist (low) 34" ~ down 3"
Hips 38.75" ~ down 1.25"
Thigh 20.75" ~ down 1.25"

Therefore I ‘REMOVED’ 9lbs &
7.25 inches in 7 Weeks!!!

I love the feeling of getting dressed each and every day now as I am trying on clothes I haven't worn in ages!! I even bought my first size 10 pants in a long long time!

The biggest, most amazing thing (and I know numbers on the scale do not matter, I have preached it myself), however....

I have not seen my weight in the 140's since I started high school!!!

I have been a constant 160-165lbs since I was 15 and now for the first time in 15 years I am in the 140's!!!

I was beaming from ear to ear when I saw that number!! This is HUGE for me and to see these results has only reaffirmed to me that Fit Yummy Mummy is THE way to regain your body back and lose the unwanted FAT for good! I always wished I could be 145lbs and a size 10, and now I know this goal is attainable plus so much more!

What you Must Know about Fit Yummy Mummy:

About 4 weeks ago I added the Prograde Workout and VGF +25 into my routine and WOW!

By adding those two additions to my life, I have not only SEEN some amazing results that much faster, I FEEL so much better too! I think adding these elements into my life as been the most helpful strategy to my nutrition plan.

A fellow FYM also gave some great advice and the way she explained it, it just made sense…..look for LIVE food not dead food! So simple!

Fit Yummy Mummy Workouts

What I LOVE the most about the workouts is that they are very straight forward and to the point. They are SO easy to fit into ANYONE’s schedule and you can do them in the comfort of your own home! Even the most difficult are attainable…yeah Side Plank!

Most surprising

I look forward to each and every workout now!
I have never actually REALLY looked forward to working out before because I knew it was long and time consuming. Now with the Fit Yummy System it’s quick, intense and I feel exhilarating when I’m done, all in just 90 minutes a week!

The Most Difficult
Staying consistent with my nutrition.
I do cook healthy and always have but with Holly’s guidance I have made a few changes to the way I cook. I no longer have processed junk food in my house, because let’s face it, if it’s here it will be eaten! Portion size is a HUGE factor to control, but by eating every 3 hours and making sure I have enough protein at each meal I am no longer craving food as much and can keep myself satisfied until my next meal.

If you are still skeptical about Fit Yummy Mummy



This is a lifestyle ANYONE can follow no matter what obstacles or barriers you face. Everyone should know about Fit Yummy Mummy and allow Holly Rigsby to coach you for even just one week and you will FEEL the difference already! There are no quick magical fixes to weight loss just consistent supportive nutrition and regular exercise!

I am returning to work in one month’s time from my maternity leave and thanks to Holly and Fit Yummy Mummy I will be in need of ALL new pants!! My butt is just swimming in everything I put on and I LOVE it!

Woo Hoo shopping spree!

The other very rewarding feeling that comes along with this success is that people are noticing and commenting and it's just great!!

What a boost in my motivation!

My family has been SO supportive and they are benefiting from my success as well because not only do I have SO much more energy to spend with them, I am instilling life long healthy choices that they will carry forward with them through their life!

These past 7 weeks have shown wonderful results inside and out......I look forward to so much more!

I have 7 more weeks left in the Transformation Challenge.....let's see where I can go from here!

Thank you Holly for your Fit Yummy Mummy System and coming into my life!!

This is a lifestyle that ANYONE can lead and they WILL see results because IT JUST MAKES SENSE! ~ Marloes Aitcheson 30, Mom of 2, Stratford, On, Canada

Meet Marloes and hundreds of moms who are losing the dreaded mummy tummy, banishing the baby fat and reclaiming a lean, fit, healthy body at ClubFYM!

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Congratulations Marloes! You should be very proud of yourself. Glad you are having fun with the fast workouts.