Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Banish Your Muffin Top

4 weeks into the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle and Carrie has lost her muffin top!

"Wow! I know I said I believed in the program before but now I REALLY believe. I need a choir robe and an organ accompaniment here.

Even with overeating on my birthday and too much valentines candy I'm still seeing results.

While the physical changes are enough to make me dance around naked my energy level is through the roof and to me that's more of a pay off than anything.

This morning I had to resort to the last pair of clean jeans hanging in my closet that I just haven't worn for a long time now because of they give me the dreaded "muffin top".

Since I made a solemn vow to myself that I would NEVER wear that something that did that to my body in public or even at home I kicked around the thought of putting my jammies back on, but since I had to go grocery this afternoon I decided to just suck it in and wear a big shirt to cover the offending fat rolls.

Then the magic happened.

I put on the pants and pulled them up with my back facing the mirror so I wouldn't have to see all that ugly. But low and behold ladies.....


Can you believe it? I can!

I believed and it delivered.

Some days I had to sneak in a workout right before dinner because I know I won't be able to do it after dinner.

Some days I had to be super careful with my 20 lb kettle ball because my 2 year old is playing with his choo-choo at my feet.

Some days I've had to give up any free time I might have had to get my workout in.

Some days it drains me to know that I have no choice but to workout the rest of my life, but not today.

Today I ADORE this program.
Today I am already looking forward to tomorrow's workout.

Today I am a Happy Fit Yummy Mummy with no muffin top in a size 9 juniors jeans!!!!!!

Today I realize how important my mental well being is and to have that I have to have this.

Today I think I banished my workout resentment forever.
Its now my partner. My new best friend.

Anything that can really help me lose the belly fat is a good thing.

Today is a good day.

Peace. Love. And Intervals to you all!"

Carrie's Fit Yummy Mummy Success Tips

1. Number on the scale not so important
2. Eat before I get hungry
3. Never skip post workout drink
4. Make sure I do intervals correctly
5 Remember that every meal should be supportive

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