Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will Fit Yummy Mummy Work for Me?

On the Fence about Fit Yummy Mummy?

"Fit Yummy Mummy has become my lifestyle. Its a part of me and who I am now. I don't even have to think about what I am doing anymore, it's become second nature.

I love having a plan at meal times. I love having a plan going to the grocery store. I even like going to the grocery store now. Holly if you figure out a way for me to "love" doing laundry let me know! ;) OKay doing the laundry isnt so bad, its the folding and putting away part that I do not enjoy.

If there is anyone out there on the fence about FYM I am here to tell you, JUMP OVER!!!

You will never regret it.

I have been yo-yo dieting most of my life, and I have never found a lifestyle anywhere that lived up to what it promised. With a few small changes you can completely turn your body, health and life around. Isn't it wonderful to know that you can take control and change it all around?!

The concept is a simple one. By choosing better foods, eating every 3-4 hours, and a better way to workout, you can feel so uplifted and amazing.

I love that I don't spend hours working out, 90m mins a week thats it!

I used to be a cardio queen and now that I work out like this I get upset when I think about all the wasted time that I spent at the gym, or in my house working out. Holly has found the secret and has shared it with all of us.

You are a busy mom too we have other things we need to do! You can take your workouts anywhere you go, that is what I love about it....NO EXCUSES!!!

I am 11 weeks into this and I cant believe how wonderful this is. It is unlike anything I have ever done in the past. Once you get your nutrition in place and begin your workouts you will feel amazed and energized. After about 3-4 weeks the magic starts happening!

This is what I call my "Sweet Spot" When you hit your "Sweet Spot" you will know it. It is the best feeling in the world!!! Not only am I getting healthy, but I am becoming a better me!

I used to be a mom who had lost "me" along the way.

I was so busy taking care of everyone else's wants and needs. Sure, I was happy to do it! I have been blessed with two of the greatest jobs, I am Autumn and Eric's Mommy and I am Jeff's wife! But, I had come to realize, if I don't take care of me, who is going to take care of them?

Fit Yummy Mummy helped me to become a confident person who likes herself again, a better mom who has energy to play with her kids, and a supportive fun loving wife to Jeff! Now I wake up so excited and happy everyday. My husband is amazed how happy and outgoing I have become. A few months ago I was so down and so unhappy. Not anymore!

Then the snowball effect happens, by becoming a better person, wife, mom, and friend, you want to share Fit Yummy Mummy with every single woman that you know. You want them to feel this amazing and good about themselves.

How many other programs out there can do that for you?

I don't know of a single one. I know if I were to have a down day I will have 100 plus women running to lift me up. They would be there to give me the love and support to get through my rough time.

What a wonderful feeling to know that you can have it all!!!

So my question to you is, what are you waiting for?
Where are you going to find anything even close to this? It's not out there my friend, we have all looked and we ended up here. Sure, you have to put forth some effort, but with a little time and the right mindset you will see results.

You will also have all of us cheering you on as you make your transformation! This is where it is happening!!! Come join us and become a Fit Yummy Mummy with us!!!

~ Sheri Meierle

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marlyaitch said...

Loved this post!! Sheri you sum everything up perfectly!! I couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you Holly for Fit Yummy Mummy!