Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Broke Through My Plateau!

She Finally LOST the Post Baby Fat
Fit Yummy Mummy Angela's Victory!

"Holly -
I just wanted to tell you that you made my day today! This morning I broke my 130 barrier on the scale - something I had not accomplished on any other post-baby diet I had tried.

And I have not killed myself running 10 miles a day, or starving myself, or denying myself in anyway (because I don't miss the things I have cut out).

I have not broken this 130 barrier for 6 years - since my 3rd child was born. I had another child since then (3.5years ago) and got back down to the 135 range - but never could break that plateau, not matter what I did - running, walking, tae bo, tae kwon do, adkins, south beach, etc.

I could never embrace a whole lifestyle transformation until now. And I know this is totally something I can stick to for life - you have made it so easy for everyone to do, by just following your Fit Yummy Mummy principles.

I am beginning to notice a real difference overall in the way I look in the mirror.

My side profile is shaping up, and there is less of me there - I especially see it in the tummy. Though I am a looooong way from washboard abs, there is definitely less flabbiness.

There is under-the-surface progress!! My shape is changing - I'm "lighter." And it is a wonderful thing!!

I feel healthy and empowered - which does not usually happen when you "diet" - at least in my experience (usually the feelings are more like hungry, impatient, weak and frustrated!!).

You have given us a tremendous gift - and I know you must hear that alot, but maybe I am first today to tell you that :)!!

Thank you for helping me accomplish this victory, Holly - and I know more is just around the corner!!

P.S. I told my husband to break out the party balloons - to which he replied that he knew I did it - guess he is seeing a difference too!"

~ Angela

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